Wildanet expands full fiber optic deployment from Cornwall in the UK to Callington

Rural broadband ISP Wildanet, which earlier this year began the £ 50million deployment (here) of a new gigabit-enabled Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network in the town of Liskeard in Cornwall (including surrounding areas in postal code PL14), has confirmed that the next city to benefit will be Callington.

In the last update, Wildanet claimed that approximately 6,000 premises should be able to receive the new service in the Liskeard zone, which, according to them, should be supplemented by “early fall”2021. By comparison, the provider aims to connect 1400 addresses in Callington to its new network by spring 2022 (In your region).

REMARK: The £ 50million comes from the Gresham House British Strategic Investment Infrastructure Fund (here), which also supports the Scottish ISP Borderlink (here).

We note that Callington was also one of the areas in which the UK government £ 5 billion Gigabit project program recently identified as needing an upgrade (here), with the Phase 1a plan showing that 40,000 to 60,000 premises in East Cornwall (including Launceston, Callington and Looe) and 30,000 to 50,000 premises in West Cornwall (including Cambourne-Pool-Redruth and Penzance and the Isles of Scilly) could benefit .

However, it’s worth noting that Openreach’s (BT) old FTTP network already covers around half of the city, so it’s not as digitally isolated as some reports might suggest, but there is certainly room for improvement. improvement. We also suspect that some of the Openreach buildings in the city may have used an older optical kit from ECI, which could limit its maximum download speed to 330Mbps (here).

Matt Greaves, Marketing Director of Wildanet, said:

“We had a great response from the residents of Callington who wanted to know more about our super-fast service and the difference it will make to their homes and businesses.

For families, that means fast and reliable connection anytime across their devices, from laptops and smartphones to TVs and online games, and it’s ideal for people working from home. For businesses, this means they can get more done and do it faster, making them more efficient and increasing their productivity.

Our teams will be traveling to install our network in Callington in the weeks and months to come. “

Customers of the new service can expect to pay from £ 39.95 per month (reduced to £ 19.99 for the first 12 months) to receive a 200 Mbps plan (100 Mbps upload) with a free installation on a 24 month term, which is £ 89.95 (reduced to £ 44.99) if you want their best 900 Mbps plan (400 Mbps download).

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