Why You Should Make Corn on the Cob in Your Air Fryer

Now that you have the crispiest corn in just 10 minutes, the world is yours when it comes to serving it to your family or guests (or yourself). You can leave it as it is and put a little butter on it. Eating corn on the cob is still the classic way, after all. You can also get a little fancy and cut the kernels off the cob and create a new, improved side dish. Ultimately, the mistakes some people make with corn on the cob is simply not experimenting with it or not seasoning it.

Plus, you can spice it up and make Mexican street corn, adding cotija cheese and spices. You can also follow a viral TikTok recipe from @spicednice, which includes air frying corn ribs (corn on the cob cut into wedges) and adding elote-inspired spices, cotija cheese and coriander. You can even let the corn cool and make a refreshing corn salad with onions, tomatoes and herbs (via Food Network). The thing is, after you cook your crispy corn, the rest should come easily. After using these techniques and recipes, your corn will be the talk of the barbecue.

Apparently all you need to know about your air fryer is how versatile it really is, including for summer meals!

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