Why the four-day work week may worsen the climate crisis | Letters

I agree that a four-day working week could have many benefits (thousands of UK workers start the world’s biggest trial of the four-day week on June 6) but help ease the crisis climate probably won’t be one of them, as people can well use their longer weekends to fly abroad, without needing to take time off from work.
Rachel Meredith
Long Marston, Warwickshire

Those of us who practice regenerative farming use fertilizers, we just don’t use artificial fertilizers (Regenerative Farming works to improve soils without fertilizers, June 3). There are many more food producers like us – large and small – than is generally thought. Local demand for our naturally grown products continues to grow.
charlotte barry
Agriculture supported by the camel community

Boris Johnson may be trying to get us back to Imperial units, but the Guardian doesn’t need to help him. The graph in your report (UK to send long-range artillery rockets to Ukraine despite Russian threats, June 6) tells us that the M31A1 rocket has a total weight of 302 kg and contains a 200 books. What’s wrong with 91 kg?
Pierre Sharrat
Knutsford, Cheshire

Isn’t the phrase ‘royal workers’ an oxymoron (the Queen’s absence strikes a symbolic note as members of the Royal Family gather at the Jubilee service on June 3)?
Lyn Rowland
Paul, Penzance

I just learned that Antony Gormley is going to become a German citizen. Does that mean those of us left in Britain will be officially Gorm-free?
Helena Putnam Walker
Farnham, Surrey

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