Where do Pennsylvanians rank among candy corn lovers? Tip – higher than we would like

According to Brach’s, sweet corn “is one of the most controversial seasonal treats and some people don’t like it.”

In order to bring people back into the sweet corn family, Brach’s came up with two new ways to eat the iconic yellow, orange and white Halloween and Fall treat. The confectioner also released three other new candies.

Nerds Candy Corn and Brach’s Minions Candy Corn will be available this year.

“Now there is a candy corn for everyone,” said Mariah Havens, director of seasonal marketing at Ferrara.

As for the states where people eat the most sweet corn, Brach discovered that the number one candy corn state is California.

The # 2 was Texas followed by:

3. Florida

4. New York

5. Michigan

6. Illinois

7. Pennsylvania (Remember, a sweet corn created in Pennsylvania)

8. North Carolina

9. Georgia

10. Indiana

The five states with the less members of “Team Candy Corn” are:

1. Alabama

2. Hawaii

3. Nebraska

4. Vermont

5. Wisconsin

Brach’s said it used sales data from Brach’s Classic Sweet Corn and Brach’s Fall Blend, which includes Classic Sweet Corn, Harvested Corn, and Fluffy Cream Pumpkins to determine the ranking.

Ferrara’s 2021 Halloween novelties are:

Nerds Candy Corn – Nerds’ fruity, soft centers are wrapped in candy-coated shells. The flavors are grape shells filled with strawberry / grape, strawberry-lemon shells filled with blue raspberry / fruit punch, blue raspberry shells filled with blue raspberry / fruit punch, orange shells filled with cherry / watermelon and watermelon stuffed with cherry / watermelon.

Minions Candy Corn – Combines the flavors of banana, blue raspberry and vanilla

Nerds Halloween Gummy Clusters – Crunchy Gummy Candy

Nerds Fun Size Treat Bag – Nerds Gummy Clusters sachets, Big Chewy Nerds treat sachets and mini grape and strawberry boxes, all in one bag.

Black Forest Gummy Bears and Keebler Fudge Stripes Minis Cookies – combine gummy bears and cookies in one bag

Ferrara has also created a digital ‘Sweet and Scary Neighborhood’ where families can click on a different door each day in October to find games with the possibility of winning prizes – including the one-year supply grand prize. Ferrara sweets and cookies. The website will go live on Friday October 1.

These new candy corn flavors sound a lot better than the turkey dinner flavor that Brach’s offered last year.


What are the worst – and best – Halloween candies? Which is the favorite in each state?

Hidden Valley Ranch plunges into Halloween with packages for treats or treats. It could be even worse than sweet corn.

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