Waverly Farmer’s Facebook page shows a single growing corn stalk; 500 people and 15 classrooms nationwide watch | Agriculture

With the corn stalk, Peterson attempted to measure a soybean plant, but it was “not as fun” as measuring corn.

“It just didn’t make the changes,” Peterson said. “For some reason, something in the soy leaf wouldn’t take the paint.”

Aside from the not-so-successful soybean measure, Peterson said, the outcome of the project has been positive. Peterson said she changed the Facebook name from “Tom Peterson Farms” to “Farmer Paula has a Farm” after attending the national in-class agriculture conference in July.

After speaking with agricultural professors, she learned that they aren’t as comfortable following a Facebook page with the type of headline Peterson had before, as it is more of a business. Since the change, she has 15 classrooms across the country following her publications on maize growth and other agriculture-related topics.

“I want to be a resource for teachers and other agricultural educators,” Peterson said.

In addition to regularly publishing articles on agriculture, farmer Paula is also in the process of publishing her first book entitled “A Year on the Farm”. Peterson said the book represents each month on the farm and what they do.

“We’re busy all year round,” Peterson said. “We don’t just leave once it’s planted. “

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