Volkswagen Polo modified with Golf GT R engine

Volkswagen Polo Modified 400 hp

The racing Volkswagen Polo developed by Nik_Trans Motorsport took 14 months to complete

Volkswagen Polo is the closest thing to a hot hatch that Indian consumers on a tight budget have known for over a decade now. It is in fact considered to be the best performance car in India for the mass market. Therefore, Polo is a very popular hatch in rally races across the country, thanks to a powerful engine and exceptional dynamics.

The engine is also tuner-compatible, often leading to a custom Polo producing significantly more horsepower than the original model. In this case, the Polo replaced the original engine with a new one, resulting in a massive power output of over 400hp.

Volkswagen Polo modified 400 hp – Weight reduction

An aftermarket parts shop based in Surat, Gujarat named Nik_Trans Motorsport developed a custom rally model of Polo. This hatchback is based on an original Polo GT TSI and has been stripped of all essential components in order to significantly reduce the weight of the car. These include all passenger seats, instrument panel equipment and other interiors.

In addition, the original fuel tank was replaced with a smaller 35-liter unit. As a result, the Polo referred to here has a reduced curb weight of 1050 kg. Further modifications have been made to the chassis which gets a new custom subframe derived from the original subframe found on the MK6 Golf R. The video below by B CHOWW details the mod-job. It also shows a first driving experience and acceleration to 200 km / h.

Engine from Golf R

The most significant change is seen under the boot which features a 2.0-liter TSI EA888 CCZ gasoline engine from the Mk6 Golf R. The custom engine was installed in the engine bay using OEM specification mounts which guaranteed no fit or structural adjustment in the body. The engine was fitted with an APR GTX turbo system and a compatible ECU.

The modifications to the powertrain resulted in a maximum output of 403 hp and 530 Nm of maximum torque. To effectively put that level of power and torque on the tarmac, a 4WD transmission was integrated in place of the original FWD system. To achieve this, the folks at Nik_trans purchased a Haldex-type 4WD system that would distribute power evenly between all four wheels.

Improved dynamics, braking

Thanks to the 50:50 weight distribution, the car has much better handling when cornering. A similar system is also found on the transverse engine of international VW models branded 4MOTION. Higher speeds require more stopping power and therefore the braking configuration has been improved for disc brakes on all four wheels with 340mm front rotors and 320mm rotors at the rear.

In a recent Valley Run, this Polo sprinted from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.0 seconds. In the drag test, the 2.0 Polo recorded the fastest segment time of 12.6 seconds for the quarter mile. Nik_trans Motorsport is now preparing to offer these kits commercially to buyers, but only for Motorport purposes.


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