Vegetable and Fruit Giant Goodfarmer to Launch Vegetable Brand Jointly with Syngenta China MAP

On January 5, Syngenta China and Shandong Goodfarmer International Trade Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to plant vegetables. The two companies will cooperate in planting vegetables, the construction of MAP center of the entire industrial chain, MAP next to the full traceability of quality control and other aspects.

It is reported that Goodfarmer Group will vigorously develop its domestic vegetable distribution business on the basis of vegetable export. The company will launch a brand named “Baocai” with a commitment to create a safe and healthy premium vegetable brand. The brand will mainly include ginger, garlic, pumpkin, pepper, sweet corn, cauliflower, etc.

In this cooperation, the two companies will strengthen each other in many aspects:

Syngenta China MAP will place planting orders for certain varieties of vegetables according to Goodfarmer’s needs, such as Syngenta’s unique colorful cauliflower, Kuppra dominant sweet corn variety, special pumpkin varieties, etc. Colorful Cauliflower is selling well among Hema X members, and Pumpkin and Sweet Corn will be listed in February and March respectively.

The two sides will jointly establish a complete industrial chain center in the dominant vegetable production zone, and they initially determined that a whole garlic industrial chain center would be built in Juye County, Heze, Shandong Province. This will serve as a pilot project to gradually extend to other production areas.

They will also strengthen cooperation on the whole process of quality control and traceability of MAP beSide products. In terms of brand promotion in the terminal channels, the two sides will jointly invest to promote the Goodfarmer brand and the beSide MAP mark of approval and improve the value and quality of the products.

About this cooperation
Goodfarmer Group has already built distribution centers in 31 provincial capitals across the country so far, including more than 12,000 offline supermarket stores. They have basically established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with all domestic supermarkets and e-commerce customers, and now have become the main enterprise of the domestic fruit and vegetable distribution industry.

After the signing of this agreement, the two sides will cooperate in depth in all aspects of the entire industrial chain of vegetable distribution, including upstream and downstream, and further strengthen the level of cooperation in the future by continuously consolidating and expanding the scale of cooperation, so as to achieve mutual benefit and a win-win situation.

Source: Goodfarmer fruit

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