Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock the Voyager

Tower of Fantasy has taken the gacha gaming world by storm. As long as he has not dethroned Genshin Impact however, it is a strong competitor. From great character customization to even allowing the player to use vehicles. A die Tower of Fantasy vehicles is the Traveler. It is one of Tower of Fantasy mounts that players can unlock by following a few steps. Today in this guide we want to tell you how to unlock the Fantasy Voyager Tour vehicle. So if you’re ready to speed up your exploration of the beautiful world map of Tower of Fantasy, buckle up! Because we’re ready to help you get that awesome mount.

How to unlock the Tower of Fantasy Voyager vehicle

To unlock the Tower of Fantasy Vogayer vehicle, you have to take a long trip across the map. It requires a few steps to unlock it. For this you need to collect four components to unlock the Fantasy Voyager Tour vehicle. The engine, a thruster, the command post and the hull. Let’s start with the engine.

  • First, start the Hyena’s Banges Base quest. You can get this quest at Rig FC-21. It is on the west side of Banges. (-1224.0, 79.2). You can reach this location during Chapter 2.
  • Second, go to the Spacerift in Banges Dock and speak with the robot guard named Lozwall.
  • Return to Guard Hyena at the Rig for new dialogue options that will continue the Tower of Fantasy Voyager questline.
  • Read the classified Hyena rig documents. You can find one on a hut above the scaffolding and the other on top of a platform with a supply pod.
  • Cook 2 sizzling meat dishes. You can do this by getting 2 game meat.
  • Find Rig FC-11 at coordinates (-1049.3, -962.8).
  • Talk to the guard and answer the questions. You can answer it correctly using the information from the documents. After that, give the meat to the guard and you will have access to the supply pod containing the engine. You are now one step closer to the Fantasy Voyager Tour ascend.

Tower of Fantasy Mount Guide

How to Get the Voyager Hull

  • Continuing the Hyena’s Banges Base quest, now talk to Morgley.
  • You need to give this NPC Iced Strawberry Soda. One of the dishes in the game. You can make it with 2 honey, sparkling water and 2 strawberries.
  • After that, go to the point store and get 3 nice gifts. You will get 3 sets of tools from them.
  • Go to the tower west of Navia Bay and enter the code “5972” at the terminal that says “Warning”.
  • Next, you’ll need to find your way to a tower southeast of Navia Bay and use the console components Morgley gave you before.
  • Go to the teleportation device in the center of Navia Bay and go to Navia Ecological Park. There you will find the hull inside a supply pod.


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How to get the Tower of Fantasy Voyager control station

  • For this one it’s easy. First go to the Seaforth Dock in the Crown area.
  • Enter the code in the electronic lock. The code is “3594”.
  • Once you enter the building, look for the Type I supply module and you will get the control station.

How to Get the Tower of Fantasy Voyager Thruster

This one is the hardest because you have to kill specific enemies for it to drop. Right now the component has less than a 1% drop chance, so be prepared for farming. There are many versions to make the process easier. However, to get one Tower of Fantasy mounts, you have to kill monsters. The enemies you are looking for are those with “Four Powers” as a title. So if you want it Fantasy Voyager Tour vehicle, you must be prepared. Yet, although the process is long, the reward is great.

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