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Local history compiled by the genealogy staff of the Marshall Public Library.

1934 – One of the most beautiful roads in our community is the one through Ridge Park Cemetery. As one descends the quiet road, one approaches the imposing stone memorial gate erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Lately, the board has resurfaced old records. They also showed great wisdom in purchasing 120 acres of land adjacent to and to the south and east of the parcel currently in use. The Daily Democrat-News 1951 – The DeKalb Agricultural Association’s new seed corn processing plant began operating at limited capacity this morning. Plant manager Ed Uhland said he hoped that by the end of the week the plant could be running at full capacity. Pickers began harvesting seed corn this morning and trucks transported the corn to the new plant at the northwest end of Marshall. Maize seed shelling will begin in a few days. The Daily Democrat-News

1958 – The new A&P Supermarket in Marshall will open at 8.30am tomorrow morning for a grand opening celebration that will continue through Saturday. This new A&P supermarket is located at 102 East Morgan, one block south of Jefferson Street Plaza. The Daily Democrat-News Note: Names are spelled as originally published

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