The Penzance promenade will have five new crossings

The next step in Penzance’s Healthy Streets program has been finalized after extensive consultation.

The next steps to make Penzance more pedestrian friendly have been made public. The city center is already closed to private traffic during rush hour and the system is now extended.

The specific details are:

  • A new 20 mph speed limit in Penzance town center and residential areas up to Alexandra Road
  • Modified road signage redirecting more traffic to downtown car parks and through traffic to use the A30 and existing main road network as intended
  • Five new uncontrolled pedestrian crossings on Western Promenade Road, plus planters to help narrow the road and reduce speed to improve access and pedestrian flow
  • New speed monitoring and signage on New Road, Newlyn to reduce the speed of traffic towards Newlyn
  • Five new disabled parking spaces at the west end of Promenade Road in front of the arcade.

“We have listened carefully to all of the feedback we have received from residents and local businesses as we prepare the final details of this stage of the program,” said Councilor Jonathan How, Mayor of Penzance and member of the Healthy Streets task force. PZ. “There was overwhelming public support for the 20 mph speed limit and therefore this element was introduced before the rest of the program.”

The new speed limit in these areas came into effect at the end of July and around 100 signs have already been installed.

Penzance 20 mph speed limit map

Both Alexandra Road and the Parkway will have additional crossings as well as planters that will narrow the roadway in the hope of reducing speeds.

“After analyzing the feedback on the suggested plans, we worked with partners to produce a final diagram that provides waypoints at key locations along these busy roads while still maintaining parking spaces for local residents. and visitors, ”explained Jonathan How.

Plans are also underway to extend the 20 mph speed limit at Treneere.

“I have been contacted by a number of people living in and around Treneere who are extremely concerned that the proposal to direct through traffic to the A30 rather than through town will result in an increase the number of vehicles passing by, “said Tim Dwelly, Cornwall advisor for Penzance East.” I am delighted to confirm that the highways team are currently making plans to extend the 20mph speed limit to this area also “.

“Some people in Newlyn and Mousehole have already expressed concerns about the impact of future proposals on their communities,” said local Cornwall Councilor Thalia Marrington. “I would like to reassure the local community that no decision has been made and that there is certainly no plan to force all drivers to get off by Newlyn Coombe.

“Maintaining access for Newlyn and Mousehole will be critical to the success of the overall Healthy Streets program and we will engage with residents and local businesses to understand their concerns before work begins on developing any draft proposal. “

These measures are partly funded by part of the money given to Cornwall Council from the government’s active travel fund, with the remainder coming from the municipal agreement.

Work on the new level crossings and signage should begin later this fall.

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