The Moroccan sweet corn season is about to begin; first dutch maize sown yesterday

The Senegalese sweet corn season is still in full swing at Hermans Suikermais in the Netherlands. “We continue until April. From April 15, we will start receiving the first crop from Morocco, so we have a little overlap,” says Giel Hermans.

Senegalese maize

He is satisfied with the progress of the Senegalese season. “We had access to sufficient and good quality supplies. In Senegal, we now have three maize suppliers.

“This guarantees a constant flow of products. For Morocco too, the outlook is good. They are ready to start harvesting,” says Giel.

“Prices for things like transport and fertilizer are considerably higher, but everyone has to deal with that. Hopefully we can stay competitive.”

Hermans Suikermais sponsors Saint Louis football club in Senegal

“The demand was great throughout the winter, which is not always the case at this time of year. We had a lot of demand from Switzerland, but also from Spain. Their winter demand was remarkably above normal; Spain is not that big of a maize consuming country. The demand from Italy as well, which we supply via Dutch exporters, continued well,” says Giel.

Hermans started sowing maize for the Dutch season yesterday. The first Dutch sweet corn will be available again from mid-July and in larger volumes from August. What is new is that this year the grower will also cultivate five hectares of organic maize. “Most of that will go to the precooked segment in the form of sous vide cooked corn on the cob.”

Yesterday the first Dutch maize, ready for harvest in mid-July, was sown

Hermans has also extended its cultivation to Belgium. “Supermarkets increasingly tend to want to source from their own country. We have the advantage of being able to farm quite easily on the other side of the border with producers from everywhere. Germany is largely self-sufficient, but in Belgium there are great market opportunities for sales to local retailers. It is also an interesting crop for growers to include in their cultivation plans,” concludes Giel.

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