The King Of All Cabin Monitors And Why Your Diesel Pickup Needs One: Edge Products Insight CTS3 Installation and Review

The On-board products The Insight Monitor started replacing analog gauges along the A-pillar years ago, and now you can find one on about a third of all diesel pickups on the road. It is not by accident. Powerteq LLC, the parent company of Edge Products, has perfected its monitor over the years and its third-generation product, the CTS3 preview, is as state-of-the-art as it ever has been. Its processing time is faster, its color touchscreen is clearer, and its functionality has expanded. It’s even a Wi-Fi update. For thousands of diesel truck owners, Edge’s popular monitor is a device they just can’t live without. In addition to keeping tabs on everything the ECM does and offering the ability to read and erase DTCs, the CTS3 has an advanced built-in data logger with export capability. This means that your technician can help you resolve a problem while you are on the road.

Sold on the horsepower of the Edge CTS3, the owner of a ’13 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD was eager to have one fitted before making a 1,100 mile trip with 17,000 pounds of trailer. To keep LML Duramax diesel out of the Exhaust Gas Temperature Hazardous Zone (EGT), Edge’s EGT Kit, which is part of the extensive range Expandable accessory system (EAS) which further improves the use of the CTS3 was installed at the same time. Now Chevrolet’s latest model is more than ready for its rendezvous with the 38-foot fifth-wheel toy transporter it will be attached to. You can check out the highlights of the 2-hour installation and many key features of Edge’s CTS3 below.

The Edge Insight CTS3

On-board productsCTS3 preview (CTS stands for “color touch screen”) is the latest generation of digital cabin monitors. For over a decade, the CTS range has been a huge success, especially in the diesel aftermarket, and the latest version is compatible with dozens of newer 96 domestic vehicle applications (equipped with OBD -II) (diesel and gasoline). Each CTS3 comes with the appropriate OBD-II to HDMI cable, USB cable, the monitor itself, and a windshield mount. By plugging directly into the OBD-II port, the CTS3 can display virtually any parameter your vehicle’s computer keeps in memory. This includes engine speed, coolant temperature, transmission temperature, intake air temperature, battery voltage, boost pressure, turbo vane position, pressure. fuel rail, vehicle speed, engine load, MAF, fuel level and more.


Expandable Accessory System Edge Products

Keeping an eye on exhaust gas temperature is very important in diesel engines and Edge’s comprehensive EGT EAS Kit allows the end user to pair precise EGT monitoring with their CTS3. The kit, purchased separately from the CTS3, includes an EAS jumper cable, an EGT thermocouple probe, and a 15-inch cable (so if you need to remove or replace the EGT probe, you do not need to remove the cable assembly. ). As you may have already guessed, Edge’s Expandable Accessory System (EAS) accommodates a host of other powertrain monitoring accessories as a chain.

Drilling and tapping of the exhaust manifold

LML Duramax valve set Exhaust manifold

When it came time to install the EAS EGT kit, it was essential to find a convenient but efficient location to mount the thermocouple probe. In the case of the LML Duramax, the preferred location is at the rear of the passenger side exhaust manifold, just behind the factory heat shield. By gathering the EGT data here, you’re about as close to the cylinder as you can get, which is ideal. To access the exhaust manifold, we pulled the interior fender liner from the Silverado. From there we drilled a 1/8 inch pilot hole where we wanted, followed by a 21/64 inch drill bit and finally a 1/8 inch -27 tap (shown) .

Installation of the EGT probe

Duramax Diesel EGT LML thermocouple probe

With the exhaust manifold tapped, the fitting was unscrewed from the thermocouple and installed first, followed by the probe (it is important to ensure that no damage is caused to the probe tip and that you do not do not overtighten the top nut when fastening). From there, the thermocouple line was routed to the firewall, straight up, then threaded along the top of the firewall to the driver’s side of the engine compartment. When routing the thermocouple line, we used the zip ties provided in the EAS EGT kit to anchor it to the existing plastic loom along the firewall.

Securing the EAS system

Insight CTS3 Edge EAS assembly

Here you can see the main EAS cable connected to the supplied EGT probe line. Edge prefers that installers mount the EAS assembly on the driver’s side of the truck, so we followed their instructions all the way. Thanks to its design, the EAS system only requires you to route a single cable through the firewall, allowing a unique and convenient struggle to get the wires through the cabin.

The Plug & Play part

OBD-II Edge CTS3 data port

An existing waypoint in the firewall was used for the EAS system cable in our case, and we will note that most vehicles have a rubber or plastic plug (or grommet) that can be removed from the shield. -fire to pass the wires. Then it was enough to plug the OBD-II connector into the truck’s OBD-II port and route the excess wiring up and out of the way (and as neatly as possible).

Easy assembly

CTS3 Windshield Mount Edging Products

Edge includes a free windshield mount with every CTS3. If you clean the area of ​​the windshield you plan to mount it on (Edge provides an alcohol wipe specifically for this), the suction cup will semi-permanently adhere to the glass. By firmly pressing the suction cup onto the windshield and rotating the cam lever towards the glass to create suction, the mount will stay in place indefinitely. Then you can fix the CTS3 monitor and connect the HDMI connector / OBD-II cable. If the windshield mount isn’t your thing, Edge also provides additional mounting solutions in the form of dashboard lugs, pillar lugs, center console brackets, and gauge pillar adapters. .

Crisp, clear and easy to use

Monitor Edge Insight CTS3 Diesel Gauges

Once installed, the configuration options are endless on the Edge CTS3. We prefer the traditional gauge layout pictured above and made sure to make EGT the essential item we keep an eye out for. After that, we added what is arguably the second most important thing to watch out for on a diesel towing platform: the temperature of the transmission fluid. As you can see, boost, fuel rail pressure, battery voltage, paddle shift percentage, intake air speed and temperature also made the difference. The 5-inch color touchscreen is crystal clear thanks to its 720P resolution (up from 480P on the previous one, CTS2) and navigation through all of the CTS3’s settings is seamless with a swipe and a touch.

The ultimate towing companion

2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LML Duramax on Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires

From the factory, the Duramax LML was supposed to be able to handle 1365 degrees F of exhaust gas temperature. Now, the owner of this ’13 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD will find out how the 6.6L V8 heats mountains with a 38 foot, 17,000 pound fifth-wheel transporter attached. With the Edge CTS3’s ability to configure alert settings, a predetermined limit on the EGT (or any other setting for that matter) can be set, with a warning and / or full alert alerting the driver when the threshold has been met, or about to be. The installation of the CTS3 device and the exact knowledge of the performance of the powertrain will undoubtedly make the towing efforts of the truck much safer in the future.

  • If you noticed the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 stepping on the truck pictured above is because the 275 / 70R18 off-roaders met owners’ load-hauling needs. Find out everything you need to know about tire load index here.

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