The drought of 2021 and the yield potential of maize?

Agronomist Jay Zielske with Pioneer in the Mankato area was my guest on today’s AM Minnesota program. We spent the entire program discussing the yield potential of corn given all the “curvy balls” that Mother Nature threw at us this year. By the way, Jay will be my guest on the AM Minnesota show next Tuesday, and then we’ll be focusing on the bean harvest.

With all of the hot days this summer, we are way ahead of normal in increasing degree units. In fact, in a few weeks much of the corn crop will be ripe. This means that the corn will dry very quickly in the field and we could see many farmers harvesting the corn before the beans this year. Jay said this would be a good plan as the quality of the shank and shank will likely be questionable due to the stress of the drought. Burning some propane will probably cost a lot less than the cost of crop and crop losses due to the wind!

Click the link and listen to Jay on today’s AM Minnesota show. Additionally, Jay and his colleagues at Pioneer Monday took a crop tour to examine new corn hybrids in test plots over a large enough area so you can hear what they found for yield potential. corn.

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