The car fanatic who had to have his homemade supercar rebuilt

Alan Dunn realized he liked the 1965 Ford GT40 supercar replica he had built so much that a few years after selling it, he had to get it back.

The former Timaru businessman had spent ‘three to four years’ on his labor of love, working on it nights and weekends to sell it when he and his wife found it had become too difficult to enter and exit.

The car is a replica – an original 1965 Ford GT40 Mk I now costing around NZ$12 million – but is 100% scale to the original model made famous when Kiwis Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon won the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1966.

Dunn finished building his version in 2007, which he says is worth around $150,000 in today’s market, but around 2010 he found it was “too difficult to get in and out of.” for him and his wife, so they sold it.

Alan Dunn's Ford GT40 replica is a low ride but not slow.


Alan Dunn’s Ford GT40 replica is a low ride but not slow.

“A year later, one day I walked past the gym and thought ‘no, I’m in good shape’, so I bought it back.

“He was away on a short vacation with someone else in Whangarei.

“I just needed to get it back. We flew to Whangarei, bought it and flew home.

Car fanatics can get a good look at Dunn’s build on Sunday when the South Canterbury Vintage Car Club hosts an All American Show at the North Caroline Bay car park from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Dunn, who has been in motorsports manufacturing for 25 years, said the replica kit was just the body “which came with just the bare frame, so no suspension mounts, no engine mounts, just the frame.

The replica of Alan Dunn's 1965 Ford GT40.


The replica of Alan Dunn’s 1965 Ford GT40.

“So I made all the engine mounts and the seats and the windscreen wipers and the gear shift system and all the bits and pieces.

“I had a company back then and when I got bored of the company, or the staff bored me, I could go home and play with it and build some tunes.

“We used a Porsche gearbox and Corvette front suspension arms. Just bits we can find.

“I made a lot of it, like all the suspension arms in the rear are the ones I all made myself, all the exhausts and the shifters as well.

The Ford 302 Windsor V8 that is at the heart of Alan Dunn's 1965 Ford GT40 replica.


The Ford 302 Windsor V8 that is at the heart of Alan Dunn’s 1965 Ford GT40 replica.

“But it’s 100% scale.

“It uses a Ford 302 small-block V8 with many advantages.

“It’s fast, very fast. It’s light and the power is there. There’s 330 horsepower at the rear wheels.

“It’s exceptionally fast. Thought it was faster than most things until I bought my Camaro (2020 ZL1). It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever driven, and I’ve driven V8 Supercars.

“It’s an unmodified factory with 650 horsepower.”

Dunn owns more than 10 cars and says he got into collector cars after selling his business.

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