The British pie that has fish heads sticking out of the top crust

According to LoveFood, star pie is an unusual British cake believed to originate from Mousehole, a charming fishing village in Cornwall. Traditionally, it is made with pilchards sticking their heads out of the top crust as if gazing at the stars, hence the name of the pie. And while it may be odd to see this pie with protruding pilchard heads, locals say it’s delicious and part of their Christmas traditions.

And there is also an interesting legend surrounding the star pie: a local fisherman, Tom Bawcock, was said to have sailed during a storm in order to catch fish because the village of Mousehole was facing famine at the time. When he returned, Bawcock used the caught fish to make a cake and shared it with the hungry villagers. The hero is now celebrated by baking the pie every year on December 23, also known as Tom Bawcock’s Eve.

Vice reveals that the pie also contains grated hard-boiled eggs, broth, butter, potatoes, onions, parsley and plenty of coarsely ground black pepper. And if sardines aren’t available, cooks can use smaller sardines or kippers (per The Guardian). So if you’re feeling adventurous and maybe want to disturb your loved ones, bake this weird Cornish pie at home and enjoy it on a starry night.

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