The 12 zodiac signs as different Thanksgiving dishes

Each Thanksgiving dish has different qualities, characteristics, and relationships with other dishes, so much so that they can be associated with each zodiac sign. Here are our pairings – from obscure and niche to classic and traditional.

Sagittarius: apple pie

This sign loves to have a good time and will always harmonize well with others, and his fiery personality can only be reflected in an apple pie. It’s the piece of every Thanksgiving table and probably what most people look forward to on this holiday. Apple pie is sweet and decadent, which Sagittarians think they have too.

Capricorn: Mashed potatoes

Capricorns are stereotypical like the parents of astrology and love to take care of others. They provide the best bases in groups of friends, almost like mashed potatoes. This earth sign will be your rock, the shoulder to cry on, and the person to run to for advice. Likewise, mashed potatoes will always be there for you and won’t mess you up, even if all other dishes suck.

Aquarius: Green bean casserole

This air sign does its best to stand out from the crowd, sometimes going to great lengths to achieve this. Aquarius would definitely be a casserole of green beans, a dish that seems out of place with other Thanksgiving dishes. The dish and the sign can stand alone among the carbohydrates and proteins that line the table. However, only a few can understand how great both are.

Fish: candied yams

Pisces love to live in their head and project their sweet dreams into their reality. In addition, they often do not feel valued, which causes them insecurity. Nothing embodies it better than the dessert and the side candied yams. They are eclipsed by the carbohydrate greatness of mashed potatoes and apple pie, the super star of desserts. It’s an underrated dish, like how Pisces get hateful for no reason.

Aries: Ham

The hottest and hottest sign in astrology, Aries often feels the need to prove themselves in a world that constantly doubts them. Similar to this sign, ham is often brought to Thanksgiving dinner and has to compete with the main course – turkey. But just like ham, Aries needs to be confident in their skin and realize their worth.

Bull: sauce

It’s no surprise that Taureans are down to earth, as they are a down to earth sign. They will always support you in any situation and make good, reliable friends. The best dish that demonstrates these qualities is the sauce. It’s the side dish that will always enhance your meal and be delicious, no matter how you prepare it. The sauce tastes great on turkey, mashed potatoes, and any other dish, just as this sign gets along with most people.

Gemini: Corn

Gemini are constantly attacked for being fake and stabbing in the back, which is not necessarily true. They project different facets of themselves into different social situations, where they adapt to the environment and to people. The only dish that matches the versatility of a Gemini is corn. You can bake it on the cob, cut it into grains, make pudding, bake bread, etc. There is no limit to how the corn will be cooked for Thanksgiving,

Cancer: the farce

Cancers are the punching bags of astrology because they are intimidated by other signs for their sensitivity. As a Cancer, I can understand why. The dish that goes perfectly with this is the stuffing. It’s the side dish that many people hate and often skip over the holidays. Cancers aren’t everyone’s favorite, but there are a few who can enjoy them.

Leo: Turkey

This fire sign enjoys being the center of attention and does anything to get attention. Leos tend to focus on themselves, which others often view as selfishness. Their perfect dish would be the main course, the turkey. Lions believe the world revolves around them, the same way people think Thanksgiving is incomplete without the turkey. I bet any Leo reading this is okay with the pairing.

Virgo: Mixed greenery

The organized, Type A personality of the 12 signs will follow the same diet for Thanksgiving. Rather than gorging on all the dishes, Virgos will definitely be picky about what to eat to avoid an eating coma. This aligns them closely with any dish of greens, from roasted Brussels sprouts to a salad. They remind us that we must always eat healthy on this holiday, almost like a Virgin who harasses a person to keep them organized.

Balance: macaroni and cheese

A social butterfly of signs, Libras love to please people and can’t get enough of being around others. Their Thanksgiving counterpart is none other than the (non-turkey) star of the show: macaroni and cheese. Have you met anyone who hates this cheese pasta dish? Neither do I. The same goes for the air sign. Bring macaroni and cheese or a Balance to Thanksgiving dinner, and everyone will have a great time.

Scorpion: Cranberry sauce

The chaos of a Scorpio cannot be described, and they are avoided for this by other signs. The only dish that really fits this description is the cranberry sauce. It’s a complex side that people are afraid to try with their food, but there’s nothing scary at all about it. Once you add it to your Thanksgiving meal, you might finally understand what this water sign feels like.

Now that each sign has been assigned to a dish, you can tell each member of the family which Thanksgiving dish they embody best. It can spark an argument over dinner, but that’s what makes the holidays so special!

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