Students watch Queen’s funeral in Charles’ former bedroom

A group of pupils from the King’s former school said it was “surreal” to sit in their former bedroom while watching the Queen’s funeral.

Gordonstoun School in Morayshire suspended lessons on Monday to allow staff and pupils to watch the funeral broadcast.

King Charles joined the independent school in 1962 and studied there for five years.

During this time he became a member of the Coastguard and performed in school plays, winning lead roles in productions such as Macbeth and Pirates of Penzance.

He then became a school tutor (head boy) in his senior year, in addition to being a color carrier (head boy) and head of his boarding house, Windmill Lodge.

On Monday, Amelia, the current head of household, and her friends gathered in what is now her bedroom to attend the Queen’s funeral.

It’s all really connected

The group of girls gathered around the same desk that was used by the king during his stay at school, to follow the proceedings on a laptop.

Asked what it was like to witness such a historic event in the room Charles had lived in, Amelia told the PA News Agency: ‘It’s a strange feeling.

“Also, the laptop on his old desk and watching the Queen’s funeral is – yes, really weird. Everything is really connected.

The queen had a close connection with the school. Her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, studied there in his youth.

Their three sons, Charles, Edward and Andrew, all followed in their father’s footsteps, and the Princess Royal’s two children, Zara and Peter, were also students at the independent school.

Charles was the first Prince of Wales to be educated in a school instead of having private tutors, with one newspaper describing the decision to send him to a British school as “spectacular”.

The Queen visited Gordonstoun regularly, both formally and informally, taking a close interest in her sons’ progress and watching them participate in extracurricular activities.

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