Stockdale holds firm in RWHS Power

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Five full rounds took place during tonight’s Power of Royal Windsor Horse Show (RWHS) in front of spectators, which was a welcome sight after the ongoing pandemic restrictions.

Six combinations of horses and riders lined up for a RWHS power wall shot, including young and very talented Joseph (Joe) Stockdale, whose mother stood nervously beside the ring awaiting the outcome of each round. Guy Williams, Robert Whitaker, Shane Breen, David Simpson and Elliot Smith formed the five remaining riders, all aboard a selection of top equine athletes including Can Ya Makan (Breen), Major Delacour (Whitaker) and Mr Blue Sky UK ( Williams).

It was an unusual first lap for Smith, riding a KWPN bay gelding, Flamboyant III where the wall started at 1.65m. The pair crashed straight through the infamous red bricks following an aborted takeoff, despite the horse being a seasoned contender for Power.

David Simpson and Mysao of the Red Rocks were next to enter the second round after an unlucky clog sent a segment to the ground.

The third round was clear for the four remaining competitors where the wall reached 1m80. However, it wasn’t for Whitaker and Breen’s mounts in the fourth, leaving Williams and Stockdale to head into the fifth and final lap on horses that had made it easy until then.

Notably, the RWHS power sponsored by Baylis and Harding, was a first for Stockdale (22), who rode every lap seemingly without breaking a sweat. The young rider’s confidence did not falter as he stood up to a class of great talent and experience.

Both breaking over the wall at over 2.10m, Williams and Stockdale riding Florida VDL shared the victory, each taking home £ 2,500 as the crowd erupted to celebrate the occasion.

For anyone unable to make it to RWHS, ClipMyHorse.TV will offer live broadcasts, with some classes being broadcast on Facebook Live.

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