Start date announced for Mousehole Rockpool repair work

Mousehole Rockpool in all its beauty (Image: Adrian Wright)

Work must start on a community seawater pool to restore it to its former glory and make it safer for everyone.

The restoration of the Mousehole Rockpool will see a small army of volunteers drain the much-loved and well-used community pool of sediment and rocks so that vital repairs can be made to its concrete walls.

The swimming pool, used by residents and holidaymakers alike, leaks and no longer remains full after each high tide.

The Mousehole Pool Repair Project in Cornwall was led by the Friends of Mousehole Rockpool. It will aim to identify, seal and strengthen the concrete walls so that they can stay fuller for longer.

The pool project has received support not only from the Mousehole community but also from visitors from across the country eager to see a facility they also used and have fond memories repaired.

Work, which was due to start in March, was delayed by both Covid and the need to obtain a special license from the Marine Management Organization, is now scheduled to start on Saturday July 10.

Chris Yacoubian, a Mousehole resident who led the project with Elaine Bawden, said: “I met the folks at Rebuild South West and we came up with an action plan.

“We are looking for an army of volunteers to come together at Rockpool to help the day make a real start to make the Tidal Basin safer for all. Now it’s my turn to build muscle. “

During the day, volunteers will be needed to remove rocks and boulders, weed, help identify leaks before repairs to the concrete path on the left side of the pool can be done.

Mousehole Rockpool (Image: Chris Yacoubian)

Chris added, “It would be amazing if we could borrow some recovery pumps for the morning. It would be great if someone could bring wheelbarrows to haul gear from the parking lot to the site as well as big buckets from builders.

“Some people will need to get wet and be in the pool to do the ‘wet work’ while others, preferably with construction experience, could help Craig of Rebuild South West with the concrete work.

“We will do our best to keep the wildlife alive in the pool and keep the natural look of the tidal pool intact but just a little safer and more accessible to everyone. We’re excited to finally be able to share a start date.

To help out on July 10 starting at 9 a.m., visit the Friends of Mousehole Rockpool Facebook page.

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