Should the Designer Outlet bus lane be clearer?

A SHOPPER from Reading has vowed never to return to Swindon after being fined £ 30 for crossing the reserved bus lane on Penzance Drive near the Designer Outlet.

Peter Welland’s pledge followed a similar complaint from Gareth Lewis, who was visiting the town from Wales, in August. Both men think it should be made clearer to motorists which section of the road is reserved for buses.

The Adver revealed last year that the reserved bus lane had generated £ 2.5million for Swindon Borough Council in five years, with thousands of people in the town and beyond the inadvertently using.

This has sparked a heated debate over whether motorists themselves should be more careful or if more can be done to warn them not to use it.

Here’s what Adver readers had to say on Facebook …

Caroline Bell: “I always see cars driving in the bus lane while at the bus stop the buses are clearly signposted only so clearly that they think they are above the law and ignore the rules. panels ”

Tim Twyford: “Here we go again – this is the quarterly story of an out-of-town resident who doesn’t see all the signs at this crossroads. Although this one says ‘look at the pictures the road is calm’ … it is because it is a bus lane! At least he didn’t say it was the GPS fault.

Vickie Lewis: “I saw someone driving there while I was going to the circus last week and I was like ‘oops, they’re going to regret it’.

Chris Z Burger: “I’ll go over there and stop any car that wants to drive on this road and tell them if you give me £ 5 I’ll tell you how to save £ 25. How many days do I need to be a millionaire doing this? ”

Adrian Winters: “If only there was a sign forbidding left turns at this junction, or a color change on the road surface. ”

Rajat Divkar: “I didn’t even open the penalty envelope thinking it was from a bank and had to pay double after two weeks because of this route.

Robin Stagg: “I’ve seen lots of people realize their mistake, then ask for directions to the parking lot.

Liz Derbyshire: “To be honest I don’t know why people can’t access the parking lot via this ‘bus lane’. More cars would use it than buses and therefore customers!

Mandy Evans: “I think they should open it up to everyone, so at least the traffic on Bruce Street Bridges would be less.”

Tracy Jenkins: “I pass this road regularly and the number of people I am waving or beeping (depending on whether I am walking or driving) to keep them from driving on this road is incredible. They never listen, they just keep going! I tried.”

Garrington Robert John: “I just don’t understand how you can miss the fact that it’s just a bus line. It’s a different colored road and there are big letters indicating “bus lane”! Plus two big blue signs on either side with a photo of a bus on each … Really scary if there are drivers on the road who have this level of recklessness and inattention.

James Newman: “I got the fine for the bus barrier on Penzance Drive a few weeks ago. Coming out of the Iceland distribution center while it was lost, I turned right, it was dark and there was a small sign with a picture of a bus and “only” below, with a ” discolored “bus door” written underneath.

“It is not adequate signage when the signs were not lit at night and my headlights did not clearly pick up the bus barrier. And to be honest, even if it was, I had never heard of a bus barrier in my life. And neither is the highway code.

“Needless to say, it’s currently with the court!”

Sarah Smith: “I did the exact same thing. Distracted by my kids – saw the parking lot on my left so the lights off to access it. I absolutely didn’t see the signs for the bus lane until it was too late – oops. Anyway – well paid and lesson learned.

Glen Farrell: “The Outlet is all that’s left in town and people come from far and wide to shop. If they’re coming from out of town, give them the benefit of the doubt.

Chloe Wilson-Ash: “Me and my boyfriend went there too, I think everyone did, if I’m being honest, especially if you don’t know the roads.”

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