Seven reasons why locals love living in Cornwall

I think we can all agree that Cornwall is an amazing place to live and there are many reasons why.

There are so many things that make the Duchy special and we’ve explained to some local residents why they love living in Cornwall and made a list based on their responses.

But we also want to hear yours. What’s the one thing that really makes you love the place where you live? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Beaches

Sounds like a pretty obvious starting point, right?

Cornwall is rightly known for its stunning coastline and beautiful beaches. From Kynance Cove to Whitsand Bay, our miles of golden sands are covered in thousands of postcard perfects, and while this draws crowds of tourists every summer, we locals enjoy their beauty all year round.

2. The moors

It’s quite astonishing that in the same county with hundreds of kilometers of coastline, there are also hundreds of kilometers of rugged landscapes, which are arguably just as beautiful as the coast. Known as one of Cornwall’s ‘Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, Bodmin Moor is not only popular with locals for its fascinating history full of folk tales, but it also provides a peaceful retreat for hikers in the Duchy.

3. Pates

Cornwall is home to a range of culinary delights, but most notably among the locals is Cornish pâté. Only Cornish people will know that the best pies are those filled with the traditional combination of potatoes, turnip, onion and beef and not cheese or chicken or any odd mix of ingredients.

There really is no better feeling than to savor a pastry chef at one of Cornwall’s hundreds of pastry shops, including Gear Farm in St Martin and Cornish Premier in St Columb, which have recently been crowned home to some of the best pâtés in Cornwall.

4. Everyone knows each other

The beauty of living in small towns and villages is that it creates a strong sense of community among the residents. It also means that pretty much everyone knows everyone – or will know someone who knows someone you know, right? I’m sure we’ve all had those “what a little world” moments when we chat with someone on the train or at the pub and realize that person is a friend of a friend.

5. Port towns and villages

Many people in Cornwall love the charm of our harbor towns and villages. Porthleven, Fowey, Padstow, Mevagissey, Mousehole, Mullion – the list is almost endless.

There is really something special about these places, especially when you can enjoy them in the sun while sipping a pint and watching the ships and boats go by. They are also home to many fishermen who work hard to keep visitors to the county well fed with their daily catch.

6. Slow-paced lifestyle

We will do it dreckly. Many Cornwall residents love that we are such a laid back county that adopts a slow pace of life and, in fact, is one of the reasons people choose to move here to retire after experienced the constant bustle of city life elsewhere in the UK.

Of course, that also means Cornwall is also one of the best places to live in the country.

7. Our love of dogs

In Cornwall, our collective love of dogs is pretty much unmatched. The county is possibly one of the most dog friendly places in the world and there are plenty of local restaurants, cafes, shops and B & Bs that welcome our furry friends with open arms.

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