Reasons Why Marrying Someone From Cornwall Will Be The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

We’re as beautiful as our pastries and our clotted cream, we’re smart innovators who’ve come up with some of the best inventions ever, we live in the most beautiful part of the country…even the world. So why wouldn’t you want to marry someone from Cornwall?

We also have the best beer, the best views, we are a proud and loyal people, we have our own language and we drive better than anyone in the country.

Who wouldn’t want to marry a maid or a guy from Kernow? Leave for life, we are. Here are 38 reasons why marrying a Cornish person will be the best decision you can make.

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1. You will stop being called emmet

Marry in Cornish blood and you will forever be forgotten that you are a visitor, a newcomer and an emmet.

2. You will have pastries made for you

Giant heart-shaped pasy created by Ann’s Pasties, based at The Lizard in Cornwall

Want a steady supply of pastries? Marry a Cornish man or woman. We are all crimping experts.

3. We are the best lovers in the world

Our expert fingers are made for the delicate crimping of pasta and we have stamina after all those hours our ancestors spent going down the mines.

4. We are loyal

The heart of a true Cornish person still belongs to the Duchy, even if he’s gone for a better job and more money, so if we’re loyal to our ‘country’, we’ll be loyal to you too.

5. You’ll laugh like hell

Kernow King takes the stage at the Little Orchard Cider and Music Festival

Cornish is naturally funny, just look at Jethro, Johnny Cowling, Kernow King and the new breed of comedians like Tamsyn Kelly and Harriet Dyer.

6. You will learn to say “I love you” in a new language.

It’s ‘My a’th kar’ in Kernewek.

7. You will live in the best part of the world

This is Cornwall, no explanation needed.

8. You’ll first learn it’s jam

A cream tea should always be jam first, right?

Or you’ll be divorced before you can spread the cream.

9. You will get a new style

A happy married life for a Cornish person means shorts all year round, even in arctic conditions, while wolf fleeces are the Cornish nation’s idea of ​​couture Alexander McQueen.

10. Go on a date

Au pair market

Speaking of wolf fleeces, you’ll quickly learn that being married to a Kernowyon means a date will be a trip to Par and Pool markets.

11. Romantic meals

The 'Hungrymans' breakfast at Smokey Joe's
The ‘Hungrymans’ breakfast at Smokey Joe’s

You’ll be truly spoiled – from Michelin-starred experiences at Paul Ainsworth and Nathan Outlaw to the best fried foods at places like Smokey Joe’s. And pastries. Lots of pies.

12. You will become a rugby fan

Cornish Rugby

It is the national sport of Cornish men and women.

13. You can enjoy couple walks with views like this…

Surfers at Fistral Beach, Newquay, during the coronavirus lockdown

14. And this…

15. You will develop a natural aversion to Devon

Even if you’re from Devon and married in Cornwall (we really love them).

16. Don’t expect a lot of talk

We Cornish are loud, quiet types, but we like to gossip.

17. Be careful if your partner says this…

“I’m teasing as an adder” means an argument could be brewing.

18. A pretty Cornish house

Second homes and empty properties across Cornwall will not receive the long-awaited £150 council tax rebate

If you’ve just married someone from Cornwall, you can afford housing…in 2030. Maybe.

19. Love is…

Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds a rally at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm after touring the business and tasting some of their Rattler cider.

Whisper sweet nothings while drinking a pint of Rattler.

20. You will have the most welcoming in-laws in the world.

The older Cornish people are particularly welcoming – they’ll cook you delicious roast dinners, make sure your car is running smoothly and they’ll make cuddly grandparents. Watch out for grumps though.

21. Cornish tell it like it is

We speak directly in these parts here.

22. We celebrate everyone

Hundreds of people gather to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community for Cornwall Pride 2021, in Newquay
Hundreds of people gather to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community for Cornwall Pride 2021, in Newquay

23. You will be able to give your children special names

What about Ruan, Mawgan, Zennor, Perran and Ventongimps?

24. Then watch them grow and make perfect sand castles

An image of a father and son building sand castles on a beach

25. The Bloody Accent!

Video loading

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That’s the most beautiful accent in the world, innum?

26. You’ll learn a whole catalog of new songs

Raise your glass to the Trelawny Shout Challenge

There’s nothing quite like a rousing rendition of Trelawny to pull together, especially if beer is involved.

27. We do Christmas differently down here

<a class=Mousehole Christmas Lights seen from the water as the Battery Belles & Buoys sea swimming group enjoy their annual cold swim around the harbor on Monday December 20 to see the lights from an extraordinary vantage point.” content=””/>
Mousehole Christmas Lights seen from the water as the Battery Belles & Buoys sea swimming group enjoy their annual cold swim around the harbor on Monday December 20 to see the lights from an extraordinary vantage point.

28. And May Day

Padstow 'Obby' Oss celebrations 2008. Junior Old Oss take to the streets from 8am.

29. You can be in the water for a minute

30. And the top of the world next

Descendant Brown Willy

31. We Are Hardy Creatures

32 We care about the environment

Hugo Tagholm gets the Surfers Against Sewage message out of Cornwall

Look at all the good done by Surfers Against Sewage and all the other eco-warriors we have in Cornwall.

33. We have a rich heritage

Trevithick Day celebrations

34. We make proposals better than anyone

An airplane posted a marriage proposal to Hayle

35. We are innovators

Have you seen The Man Engine?

36. We do romance like no one else

The aptly named Tristan Sturrock starred in Kneehigh Theater’s Tristan & Yseult alongside Patrycja Kujawska

The Cornish folktale of Tristan and Yseult is the most romantic story in the world

37. You will learn to drive properly

The car was stuck on a hedge

No one can back up a 3ft wide country road like a Cornish driver.

38. We will go to the end of the world for you

Well, Land’s End anyway.

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