Porthleven FC chairman Rob Hichens on the cup win and new manager

Porthleven FC chairman Rob Hichens has issued a statement to supporters after their recent League Cup triumph from St Piran where they beat Truro City Reserves 2-1 thanks to a last-minute penalty from Martyn Webster.

Recounting their path to glory in the competition, the chairman said: “The journey we’ve had in this cup is incredible. We finished third from bottom and on Tuesday night we beat a team who are fourth in the league The journey started at home when I took over as chairman I told Liam (Chapman) and Jamie (Webb) if we could have a good run in the cup that would be the difference for the club If we could finish in the middle of the league it would be great, if we had a good run in the cup it would put us in a very good position next year.

“Our first game was at Falmouth Town Reserves, we knew it would be a big ask to do it, and we did. It was the game where we fielded three of the Greet brothers and Jamie scored the only goal for We it was pretty easy then with Callington, and we put a bus on for the guys and we won 5-2.

“Next round we have Saltash Borough who have just won the St Piran League East. We thought it might be the last game in this cup and we thought we would make a day out of it. We had the under eight boys as our mascots and brought down all of us parents, just in case it was the last game. Then it went 4-4 then penalties and young Dan Parker scored the winner.

“We go from there to Mousehole who beat us 7-1 in the league, they had gone unbeaten and we managed to beat them 3-2 despite there being only ten men left. It’s been a log one long work in this cut, but it seemed like it was destined to go well.

“We then face Truro in the final, we hadn’t beaten them all seasons, some of their players had played against our youth team and beat them on Sunday.

“We had injury after injury. It looked like the boys with us were ready for a cup race. Truro were the best team in football but Porthleven made sure they put a foot, header or put their bodies on the line, they did it all the way in. They wanted that cup and it showed.

The cup final was the last game of Liam Chapman’s reign as manager after he has since moved with his family to Essex. Victory, especially under these circumstances, was a perfect way to end the gaffers’ final game. Hichens confirmed to The Packet after Chapman’s departure that a replacement has been confirmed and is a familiar face to many: “It was a great way to send him (Liam Chapman) off for the effort he put in. deployed to the club when we were struggling I brought him in to stabilize the team I knew he could do that and try to give us a good cup run look at him now we are the winners !

“You couldn’t ask for more from a manager than that, he’s had Jamie Webb, he’s had Dan Greet as a great back up. Next year Jamie Webb will become our official manager for our first team in the St Piran League the next year. Dan Greet will do the training program for the teams, we are looking to get another men’s team. Darren Slesser will help away again.”

“We decided to bring Kevin Richards back into the fold. He has a long history at the club, his family has a long history at the club, he’s been president, he’s been a manager, he’s still on the circuit he knows from people and players. We’re bringing him into an advisory role to Jamie and myself. There’s things he knows about league decisions and people in the leagues. If we’re going to move this club forward , we will need that guidance.”

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The chairman also praised a number of staff from his management team, committee and sponsors who have supported Port in their rise to power this second half of the season. He said: “Our committee has done amazing things, if someone told me seven months ago that we would have the facade of the clubhouse painted, we would have a new ceiling in the bar, we would have new changing rooms, a new roof, new showers.

The freshly painted clubhouse at Gala Parc

“Teams in two finals, one of them winning a final, picking up another team in the girls under eight, I would have taken that! What we achieved in seven months as players, managers and committee, what we can achieve in 12 months Who knows, we are in an exciting place.

“I would like to thank our local sponsors at Porthleven, they saw what we are doing and they bought into it. The Mussel Shoal sponsored the boys under eight. The Origin cafe also sponsored the boys under eight. Big Eats have sponsored the Under Eights, they have seen what is happening at the club and they are investing their money to help the club do well, it is an exciting time ahead of next season.

“The club would also like to thank Liam Chapman for all he has done. We wish him and his family the best in Essex, we don’t want to look elsewhere for a manager when there are has one who works alongside Liam who has become the manager of the club. The players want him (Jamie Webb) to be the manager. He has very good support going forward.”

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