North Devon is officially in full bloom

The towns of North Devon are flourishing wonderfully – this is the verdict of the judges at South West in Bloom.

City teams from across the region traveled to Weston-Super-Mare on Thursday, October 7 to see if they had won a silver medal, a silver medal or the coveted gold.

South Molton celebrated the success, celebrating gold with their first-ever awards appearance, as well as winning the Ayre Cup for being the best in a city of their size, beating Kingskerswell and Radstock.

South West in Bloom Awards – Richard Taylor and Sue Harrison

Sue Harrison, who coordinates South Molton in Bloom, said: “It means next year we will be in the Champions Cup against Dartmouth, Kingsbridge and Penzance and many other big winning cities.

“We’re thrilled to win gold, we’ve all been. We were on top during the presentation and had so much positive feedback and I think everyone in town is behind us and really happy.

“Now we have to look to the future and try to compete with the bigger cities. Because we are now with the big cities, we are going to need more funding and help, so anyone who wants to sponsor me please contact us. We’re also looking for help from anyone willing to get involved, digging, weeding and rolling up their sleeves.

South West in Bloom Awards – Barnstaple in Bloom

Meanwhile, Barnstaple took home silver and the Vic Verrier trophy for best newcomer.

Frances Bell, President of Barnstaple in Bloom, said: “Barnstaple in Bloom got off to a good start in January of this year, when we were in full lockdown mode.

“In real time, we’ve only been fully operational for about six months and we’re really proud of how much we’ve accomplished in such a short period of time. “

South West in Bloom Awards – Berrynarbor

Frances was unable to attend the presentation due to previous engagements and health issues. Cathy Edwards, Treasurer, was present with Rob Ward (City Clerk) and Ian Parker, Estate Manager.

Frances added: “We have already gained so many very loyal and willing volunteers and have found the work with the local authorities informative and positive.

“Barnstaple needs the love and care of the whole community to make it shine again. We have a long way to go and we will get there with everyone on board.”

Elsewhere, Little Green Town, Bideford took silver and Berrynarbor took gold.

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