Native corn delivered to the Pawnee tribe at CCC

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) – Several members of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma visited Central Community College in Hastings, where they received a special delivery on Wednesday.

Several gardeners in the area delivered Pawnee corn to the college for delivery to the tribe. Oklahoma soil is not ideal for growing corn. So for nearly two decades, Nebraska volunteers have been cultivating corn in the soil the Pawnees blessed before they moved to Oklahoma in the 1800s.

Central City farmer Bill Bolte, who delivered his crop of red flint corn, described the project as a labor of love.

“It’s just knowing it’s going to work. It’s stuff that they planted 150-200 years ago on their village sites, so it’s the same thing I do for them, the same soil.

He said last year his harvest hadn’t gone very well, catching some bugs towards the end.

“This year, I started to be dissatisfied. I was given 200 seeds, but only 65 of them germinated. So when I finished I had over 170 ears of those 65 seeds, so it’s a good feeling at the end, ”Bolte said.

For the past five years, Pawnee corn has been planted and harvested at CCC.

Once delivered to the tribe, the corn will be ground into flour and used in other food products.

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