“Mutinous” passengers back train to missed stations after sounding the alarm six times

A train journey from Cornwall descended into chaos when a train operator removed essential stops from their schedule. The emergency alarm was triggered a total of six times on a Great Western Railway (GWR) service from Penzance to London.

According to the site Railway news, the “mutinous passengers” forced the train operator to backtrack on Swindon when it removed the destination from its schedule.

Normally the Penzance-Paddington train does not stop at Swindon, but the destination has been added to help passengers affected by previous disruptions on the Bristol-London line.

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According to GWR, the decision to miss stations, including Chippenham and Swindon, was made after the service became “too busy” to carry more passengers safely.

Railnews said: “A GWR train from Penzance to London was stopped by angry passengers after failing to stop at Swindon and was cleared to back up, causing significant delays for other traffic.

“The train from Cornwall was ‘dangerously overcrowded’ and the emergency alarm went off six times after passing Swindon.

“The train was delayed an hour by the reversing movement and eventually stopped at Reading, having lost its way to Paddington.”

In a response to GWR’s Railnews, the rail operator said: “We are very sorry for those who were disturbed yesterday and those who were delayed will be able to get their money back by requesting a refund.

“The 2:18 p.m. service from Penzance to Paddington has been diverted via Chippenham and Swindon to assist passengers affected by a previously canceled train.

“The service was however too busy to transport more passengers safely, so the extra stops were eliminated.

“While those on board were made aware of the decision, after passing Swindon, the emergency ‘passcoms’ were withdrawn and the train stopped, further delaying service.”

The incident happened on Sunday October 3.

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