Manager reflects after Bridport was beaten 7-0 by Bitton

It was a miserable day for Bridport boss Rob Marquis, who saw Bitton win 7-0 against the Bees on Saturday afternoon.

Speaking to Bridport News Sport about the performance, Marquis said: “I thought we were unhappy to be down 2-0 at halftime, we were unlucky with the way the Goals were scored in the first half in particular. Their first goal, our defender slipped, their player nicked it and scored it. The second was an intercepted goal kick. But overall, I think we competed well, I certainly don’t feel like I’m second to last.

Of the half-time response, he said: “I thought at half-time we were a little tough, I told the players to have a ‘nothing to lose’ mentality to this subject. Bitton managed to grab the third goal early in the second half and after the goal some of the players were a bit slow to react, did the wrong things, didn’t call, gave up the ball and pulled away. are tired. Five of their goals came from our possession!

Speaking of the team available this weekend, Marquis said: “The 13 that showed up, all credit to them, they stepped up and did well. We had a few that became unavailable. I’m grateful to Josh Lucas who was in the Portland United goal so a big thank you to him and Portland.

And in the next game against Mousehole, the manager said: “It will be another tough game, we will work hard in training, the goal will be to remove mistakes and look for improvement.”

Bridport is playing Mousehole at St Mary’s Field this Saturday 4th December – kick off at 3pm.

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