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MATTOON — The US Veterans Bureau Clean-Up Squad worked on compensation and job training claims with 73 veterans Friday and Saturday. Thirty-three of Saturday’s 35 cases were from Coles County men, including more than 20 from Charleston who were brought to Mattoon by Miss Ford of the Red Cross. Saturday’s report shows 28 cases were for compensation, while 14 claims were for job training and medical treatment for 19 men ordered by the Clean-Up Squad. Two more days after today will end the Clean-Up Squad’s investigation for the Coles County area… MATTOON – The first zero temperature of the season came last night when a severe cold snap hit sent the mercury into the thermometer under the cipher. The lowest temperature recorded overnight was 6 degrees below zero. Yesterday and today were the first days when it was difficult to keep the temperature above the 70 mark in the living room, you have to keep an almost constant watch on the stove or the oven. It was so cold last night that the sleepers in the city jail had to be moved to warmer areas because that part of the city building is not quite up to date when it comes to the constant heat… MATTOON – If the sentiments expressed by the hundred or so Coles County farmers are put into action this spring, much of the acreage hitherto devoted to corn will be planted with soybeans. This conclusion was reached after a three-hour meeting on Saturday in which several men who grew soybeans and Melvin Thomas, county agricultural adviser, spoke. Harvey Ames, who farms north of Mattoon, said he has planted soybeans for the past two years. His seeding yield last season averaged about 17½ bushels per acre on the 25 acres he planted in soybeans. Howard Hawkins, another farmer who has planted soybeans, said the president of Staley’s Decatur plant said the company would likely pay $1 to $1.25 a bushel for this year’s soybean crop. .

CHARLESTON – Yesterday’s hot sunshine was a welcome break from the sub-zero temperatures the region has experienced. The high temperature yesterday was 51 degrees and the low was 44, according to local weather watcher Dalias Price. The average temperature for this time of year is a high of 38 and a low of 21 degrees, he said. “It won’t last,” Price said of the warmer-than-usual temperatures, “but it did a good job of getting rid of the trailing snow.” … TOLEDO — A 1946 Ford pickup truck was delivered this week to Mike and Julie Gentry, owners of Gentry Small Engine Repair. The Gentry’s have won the grand prize in a national competition sponsored by Poulan Weed Eater in honor of the company’s 50th anniversary. After being given a four-day vacation to Shreveport, Louisiana by the company, Mike and Julie, along with three other semi-finalists, were taken to the Independence Bowl 50-yard line for a draw. goes out to win the truck. . Gentry said he would keep the green and tan truck with whitewall tires until the winter snow and ice is gone. He can’t wait to drive it in parades and take it to antique car shows.

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