Kevin Kline to star in American Classic theater-themed show Epix

The comedy follows the ordeals of a Broadway star’s homecoming.

Three-time Tony winner Kevin Kline signed on for Epix’s scripted TV comedy American classicwhich will feature a theatrical bent.

The series will follow the life of vain Broadway star Richard Bean (Kline) after a spectacular public breakdown. Bean returns home to find his family and the town theater in a state very different from Bean’s expectations. Using his talent and ego, Bean takes over from his brother running the theater, which now serves dinner with a side of murder mysteries instead of rented works. Bean’s solution? Put on an American classic with itself.

Broadway alum Kline has a long history on stage and screen. He won three Tony Awards: Best Actor in a Musical (1978’s In the 20th century), Best Actor in a Musical (nineteen eighty one The Penzance Pirates), and Best Actor in a Play (2017’s Laughter present).

Kline is also attached to executive produce the comedy alongside Michael Hoffman, Bob Martin, Leslie Urdang, Anthony Bregman and Miriam Mintz. If the show goes into series, it would be Kline’s second TV project after Apple’s. Warning in which he will star alongside Cate Blanchett.


From The Robber Bridegroom to Present Laughter: A look back at Kevin Kline on stage

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