Karin Davie’s paintings continue to explore mind, body and space

Karin Davie surfs on the body-mind relationship. She rides the waves of the history of art, cinema, science, psychology, philosophy, environmentalism and feminism, creating static paintings that never stop moving.

Davie’s works are at the same time anxiety-provoking, spiritual and enigmatic. She takes us both inside and outside the body, through wild dancing lines, swirling movements and broken shapes; pushing up and out and the roundabout. There is a oneness to it all – mind, body, landscape – closely linked, keeping the viewer in tow.

Davie has enjoyed repeating images and processes throughout her career, “to see how an image changes,” she says. I’m always interested in how shape affects the viewer – I intentionally resize the body so that there is a relationship with me and the viewer.

The Toronto-born artist divides her time between New York City, where she has spent much of her career, and the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, which she says is “like the Brooklyn of Seattle.” This is also the site, she notes, where the pandemic started. Although spared from the Covid, Davie has been fighting Lyme disease for the past twenty years.

Davie’s latest works, recently exhibited at Chart Gallery in New York City, responded to Lyme’s containment and effects as well as its location.

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