Joby and Podzilla compact tripod range announced

October 5, 2021

JOBY compact tripods are a new line of tripods designed to be affordable, versatile and lightweight, Tripods are full-size tripods, which is different from the usual Joby Gorillapod tripods, such as the Gorillapod, which are compact and designed to attach to most things.

The range has been designed for content creators, those who take photos and / or videos, as well as vlogging.

The Joby Compact range includes:

  • Joby Compact Light, includes a mobile stand
  • Joby Compact Action, includes a joystick head
  • Joby Compact Advanced, with 3-way head and 3 kg capacity
  • Joby Compact 2in1 monopod with ball head, can be used as a selfie stick, weighs only 0.28kg
Joby compact tripod range: light, action, advanced (left to right)

Joby compact tripod range: light, action, advanced (left to right)

You can add a cell phone holder to the tripods by purchasing the tripod as a kit, and the holder includes the ability to add additional accessories such as a microphone and lighting.

Joby 2-in-1 Compact Monopod

The Compact tripod range will be available for £ 72.95 for the Light Kit, £ 79.95 for the Action Tripod or £ 86.95 for the Action Kit and £ 104.95 / £ 109.95 for the the Advanced tripod alone or as a kit. The 2-in-1 monopod is available for £ 52.95.

Colors of the Joby Podzilla range (medium)

In addition to a new line of tripods, Joby also announced a new Podzilla range budget tripods and grips that are emerging as a cheaper alternative to the existing Gorillapod range.

The new Podzilla range uses the standard 1/4 inch thread and has a small ball joint

The Podzilla range includes the

  • Podzilla Medium – up to 1kg, £ 36.95
  • Podzilla Large – up to 2.5kg, £ 36.95, £ 45.95 in kit

The Podzilla Medium and Large kit includes the GripTight 360 phone mount which includes support for additional accessories, as well as support for portrait / landscape orientation.

Joby Podzilla in pole position

The Podzilla Medium is available in a number of colors, gray, red, teal and yellow.

JOBY – Have fun. To create.

TO USE we believe in creation as an act of creativity. From day one, when we were founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve always designed brackets, housings, lights, brackets and handles with a user-centric approach. We have always tried to create products that are functional but fun, innovative and easy to use. Today, we continue to build our legacy, shaping the world of content creation day in and day out. We’re always here for those who care about what they create, those who always go the extra mile, those who dare to be bold, those who want to leave a mark with their content. And, of course, those who want to have fun along the way. If you are that kind of designer, we’ve got you covered. Because at the end of the day, the world is what we make of it, and together we can make it a better place – one post, one vlog, one story at a time.

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