Iranian regime arrests Iranian rapper who criticized government

Security agents from the Islamic Republic of Iran in the city of Isfahan have arrested popular rapper Toomaj Salehi for his songs denouncing corruption within the Iranian regime.

Salehi’s uncle, Eghbal Eghbali, announced Salehi’s arrest on Instagram, writing “They arrested my nephew… The Islamic government cannot stand the protest voice of young dissidents. We will not be indifferent to this dirty action of the leaders. Salehi wrote lyrics against the Iranian regime in two new songs titled “Normal Life” and “Mouse Hole”.

Salehi’s arrest electrified Iranians and human rights activists on social media, prompting the Twitter hashtag #FreeToomaj.

UAE-based media Al Arabiya reported that shortly before the rapper’s arrest, Salehi wrote on his Twitter account that he was at risk of arrest: “Well, comrades, I’m keeping my phone. remotely because they probably have my position because of it. Don’t worry, I won’t let them stop me because we have a lot to do with them! I’ll get a secure phone in a few days.

He wrote in a second tweet: “You should know that I am not afraid of death, imprisonment and torture. What I fear is seeing women selling their bodies out of envy and shutting my mouth. I’m scared to watch people bend waist-deep in the trash [to find food] But shut up ; see you beat a worker and remain silent; to witness the murder of a protester and the torture of his family in search of justice, and shut up… There is a sea of ​​blood between you and me. “

Sheina Vojoudi, an Iranian dissident who fled the Islamic Republic, said Jerusalem post Thursday “Toomaj Salehi became popular with his rap song about the 25-year Iran-China deal. The Iranians have desperately called on Iranian artists to be their voice and raise awareness of the deal. Toomaj did it with his rap. He rapped the truth and became popular. He continued to be the voice of oppressed Iranians, especially political prisoners and impoverished people. In his songs, Toomaj criticized the systematic corruption in the Islamic Republic. He mentioned the exact crimes committed by the regime and because of the incompetence of the regime such as organ / child trafficking, forced prostitution due to poverty and the crimes that regime officials and their children commit. with the wealth stolen from the Iranians.

Supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) gather to protest against the government in Tehran and the use of the death penalty in Iran, outside the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, July 10, 2021 (Courtesy) : REUTERS / CHRISTIAN MANG)

Toomaj Salehi’s rap music and social criticism targeted the Islamic Republic’s 25-year deal with the Chinese Communist Party for its alleged betrayal of Iranian interests. Many Iranian opponents of the Sino-Iranian regime deal say it will ruin Iran’s environment and workers will lose their jobs.

Vojoudi added that “In several songs he talks about occupied, colonialized and isolated Iran. In his song “Soorakh Mush Bekhar” (Buy a Mouse Hole), he also exposes the regime lobbyists / journalists and bogus human rights activists and emphasizes that keeping silent on the regime’s crimes against humanity is also a crime. Persian rap is very popular among the younger generation in Iran and Toomaj gives them information that the regime does not want them to know about. Without a doubt, Toomaj is under torture. Now the world has a clear view of what can happen to them after seeing the leaked video footage from Evin Prison. We have to save him. “

The post office has identified a Twitter account with Salehi’s name but it is no longer active, presumably due to his arrest. The Iranian regime bans Iranians from accessing the Twitter micro-blog. Only top Iranian regime officials can use Twitter.

Al Arabiya reported, “Without your apologies, this regime is incomplete,” Salehi noted in a song, criticizing the Iranian-American National Council (NIAC), a Washington-based NGO.

Voice of America reporter and women’s rights activist Masih Alinejad tweeted:
His name is @ToomajSalehi. This Iranian rapper sang about poverty, resistance, the plight of workers, regime lobbies in the West and many issues in the country. He has just been arrested by the regime. Be his voice. #FreeToomaj.

The post office located information in two news outlets controlled by the Iranian regime, the Iranian news agency Metropolises and Mashregh News, which reported on authorities in Isfahan urging the destruction of Israel at the annual al- Quds held in the city in 2021

Mashregh News reported on the anti-Israel rally in the city stressing “the need to liberate occupied Jerusalem”.

In 2017, the Post reported that Iranian regime security forces arrested more than 30 men suspected of being gay at a private party near Isfahan.

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