India: Best Agrolife receives registration for indigenous manufacture of critical maize herbicide

Best Agrolife Limited, one of the major players in India’s agrochemical industry, on Friday obtained registration for the indigenous manufacture of technical tembotrione 94% u/s 9(4) by the Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee during the 439th meeting, reports Business Standard. The company has pivotal positioning in rice and soybean crops and this registration will help it further consolidate its portfolio in the herbicide segment. The company has decided to launch its commercial formulation under the “Tombo” brand in early June 2022.

A new generation corn herbicide, tembotrione, is showing rapid efficacy in controlling weeds. It is a post-emergence herbicide that dissipates rapidly in the environment without causing phytotoxicity to crops. Tembotrione has a low application rate per hectare and therefore poses almost no risk to the environment. A product with a high level of crop tolerance, tembotrione, ensures higher grain yield and profitability.

Commenting on this new development, Vimal Alawadhi, MD, Best Agrolife Ltd., said, “The demand for maize in the domestic and global market is increasing rapidly as this grain is highly sought after as a staple food, for animals, for poultry and for industry. uses. In the future, maize will also contribute substantially to the production of methanol. Among maize producing countries, India ranks fourth in area and seventh in production, accounting for about 4% of global maize area and 2% of total production. Although productivity in India is almost half that of the world, the average daily productivity of Indian maize is on par with many leading maize producing countries.

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