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“Machines are good servants but bad mistresses and we must not become their slaves” (Image: Getty)

The obvious answer was to take cash instead, but such a common-sense solution was against company policy, so passengers had to skip it. Then I tried renewing my car tax online, paying with a card. All went well (well done, DVLA, on an easy to use site!) until the end the card had to be verified and Barclays said they had sent me a code to get in. As has happened many times, the promised code did not arrive.

No code, no car tax and it took me FIVE attempts before the code came through. When I complained to the bank on a previous occasion, everyone was helpful but helpless. It seems like luck that your code arrives.

It is a matter of law that if you buy children’s shoes for adult use, you pay VAT. As I take size two and a half to three I am in this position sometimes and it always causes chaos as the “machines are not programmed” to charge VAT on these shoes.

When I specify that it suffices to calculate the VAT to be remitted, I am told that it is impossible. The machine reigns supreme.

Far more sinister is the power companies can wield over those who pay online, as evidenced by PayPal, which has taken it upon itself to cancel customer accounts and withhold funds simply because it doesn’t like it. what customers say. Toby Young’s Free Speech Union fell victim to this arbitrarily exercised censorship.

Machines are good servants but bad masters and we must not become their slaves.

I can’t see the dance fault to cry

Strictly is back and with it all the tears, tantrums and emotion that seem to be part and parcel of the program.

For heaven’s sake, folks, this is a dance contest and not a world war, as I’ve often observed during my time on the show. A bit of perspective would be wonderful and so much more British.

Give us a “holy” break!

“They already sell minced pies,” another customer remarked as I was browsing through a small supermarket.

Back home I opened my Radio Times to find that the Christmas movie channel had already started and will now continue until the very day.

One commenter remarked that “soon” Charles will be giving us his first Christmas message as king. Pity !

Christmas is still three months away, a quarter of the year away, an entire school term.

Give us a break!

Commentary by Ann Widdecombe

Holly and Phil (Image: Getty)

dockers strike

Dockworkers plan to strike at two of our biggest ports and if it does make it onto the Christmas shelves what’s the bet diehard Remainers will try to blame Brexit rather than the actions of people who willfully cause havoc for others in the pursuit of their own finances Gain?

Holly and Phil are the latest in a long line of Cancel Culture victims

I don’t know the good and bad sides of the Holly and Phil jumping the line saga, but those calling for them to be sacked have lost all sense of proportion.

Why do people nowadays always want the ultimate punishment?

Censorship is never enough: it must always be a loss of livelihood. It’s not enough for someone to be sentenced to decades in prison: anything less than a full life sentence will satisfy social media witch hunters.

Upset the alarm clock with a particular book and all previous books should also be pulped. The quality of mercy is less tense than non-existent to begin with.

Forgiveness was trashed with Christianity. Moderation is removed and Mrs Do-As-You-Would-Be-Done-By is cancelled.

Truss must take a stand and deliver

I will not be voting Conservative again until all Afghan interpreters have left hotels and are properly settled in and most importantly until Northern Ireland becomes part of the UK again under ‘commercial agreements.

Liz Truss, below, may be a Treasury lion – this budget was spectacular – but she is a kitten when it comes to the EU’s deliberate use of Northern Ireland to penalize Britain .

She speaks of a “preference for a negotiated settlement”. Have we been trying this for years or haven’t you noticed, honey?

She then goes on to say that it could take months, as if the option for unilateral action didn’t exist, and that she and Joe Biden “committed to the Good Friday Agreement”, as if c was a reason to abandon frictionless trading. within the UK. It would be less disappointing if she hadn’t talked about it so much during her leadership campaign.

It’s time to deliver, Liz.

Extra income is a big bonus

The politics of envy is counterproductive. When Mrs. Thatcher reduced the top income tax rate from 60% to 40%, the tax levied on that bracket went up, not down. The same thing happened when the top rate went from 50% to 45%, so the Treasury can expect additional revenue, which is good for all of us.

When it comes to banker bonuses, the EU is still locked in with a cap, so the UK will become very attractive to big money makers. With the city already contributing tens of billions in taxes, the Chancellor can expect a lot more.

The more money the government has, the more it can spend on the NHS or whatever. It is business, corporations and banks that determine the overall economic health of a country and the complainers would do well to remember that.

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