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The modern muscle car scene just keeps getting wilder. Blame the rise of social media influencers who swap everything with the biturbo and engine, or recent factory models like the Shelby Mustang GT500 and Dodge Challenger Demon, but everyone apparently wants 1,000 horsepower in their muscle. because – and they want it now.

Of course, all hardcore restomods fit into a range of passionate projects as well, including just keeping a good ol ‘classic going for a few more decades or undertaking a full rotisserie restoration. No matter what how your muscle car looks today – and whatever your future plans – choosing the right engine to power this beast comes first.

How to choose the right motor

Muscle car engines
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The decision depends on a wide range of factors. First, determine which engines will fit into the engine bay itself, or plan to make some serious changes to engine mounts, firewalls, and subframes. Then choose the number of cylinders (the V8 being the obvious choice here, but maybe a Viper V10!) And of course, budget.

A great place to assess potential powertrain options are eBay Motors, which lists everything from new factory crate engines to retired modern mills to vintage classic engines that will likely need a ton of work to come back to life.

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Find the right engine for your project

Keith Black racing engine
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One consideration that seems to have largely gone out the window lately is how faithful the engine should be to a muscle car heritage – dropping a Mopar Hellcat in a Mustang might sound sacrilegious, but it will also generate a ton. clicks if that’s the goal. On the other hand, a custom Boss 429 displacing 660 cubic inches and capable of four-digit power stats would fit into the Blue Oval theme and also bring a lot of grunt into the picture. And at $ 25,995 plus $ 750 shipping (free pickup in Hector, New York, available), this TNT Engineering version for sale on eBay Motors is designed and balanced and includes everything from the air filter to tuned carbs, to heads Boss, an MSD distributor and a choice of front or rear oil pans.

Then again, a small block Chevy V8 is always a good idea. The simple availability of parts and the online knowledge available for custom builds using an LS engine can help even an amateur mechanic feel like a pro, and the space and weight savings free up the choice of twin-turbo or supercharging without too much hassle.

And don’t forget the prices, because eBay Motors lists a ton of different LS options like an all new Keith Black Racing 454ci LS6 with an aluminum block, roller cam and high performance steel crank. All for only $ 15,000! And for around $ 1,800 more, the seller will even put in a full set of machined aluminum serpentine belt components to make this LS the star of any car and any cafe-style show or contest.

One consideration that dictates many engine options for residents of areas like California is emissions requirements. If you are working on a muscle car built more recently than 1975, you will need to have smog tests every two years. That means limiting the engine search to options that come with modern emissions equipment – or at least, for which California Air Resources Board approved emissions equipment can be easily found – like a Ford factory Coyote V8 crate engine. Choosing the Coyote means that an arbitrator from the Bureau of Automotive Repair will be much more likely to accept the EGR and exhaust components of any modern Mustang and reduce the prospect of stressful biennial trips to the smog station.

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Choosing powertrains for classic and modern cars

Hellcat engine
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Perhaps the most popular powertrain to introduce into any muscle car these days, the supercharged 6.2-liter Dodge Hellcat Hemi can deliver plenty of power, amounts of torque, and the quintessential supercharger whine that makes difficult launches all the more fun. And because Fiat-Chrysler (now Stellantis) has sold so many Chargers, Challengers, Durangos, Jeeps, and Rams with Hellcats under the hood, finding the right one for your project on eBay Motors should take about five minutes of research.

eBay Motors is one of the largest marketplaces in the world, offering more than 122 million unique auto parts and accessories in the United States. Whether you are working on a restoration, performance improvement, or cosmetic improvement project for your car, you can find the parts and accessories you need on eBay Motors. Keep the website up and running and the app open for logging everything from body parts, engines, lights and steering to tires and transmissions.

In the old days, finding a good powertrain to form the heart and soul of a muscle car build required searching through scrap yards, betting on unfamiliar internal components, or forking out heaps of money to build. something from scratch. Now this process has been streamlined by all of the engine options available with a few keypad clicks on eBay Motors.


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