Historic Cornwall Lido targeted by vandals for the third time in a month

A historic lido in Penzance has been attacked by vandals for the third time in a month.

Jubilee Pool was built in 1935 and is now run by the community for the community – which is shocked by vandalism.

Richard James of the Jubilee Pool said: “It’s really disappointing because the team has invested so much over the last 18 months to make sure the pool is there.

“We are working very hard at the pool to provide something to the local community and it is very disheartening that people want to disrupt this. If anyone has more information, please contact us confidentially through our Facebook page so that we can pass it on to the police.

Jubilee Pool staff say it looked like the vandals were intent on causing as much damage as possible. Credit: Jubilee Pool

The swimming pool was broken into on the night of Wednesday July 14. Equipment was thrown to the ground and glass was shattered. Nothing was taken away except for a few cans and packets of crisps, but hot chocolate powder was spilled and water was poured over it.

Richard James said: “Their main goal was to create as much damage as possible – which they achieved.”

The cost of damage is still being assessed. The team is not sure if they will be able to repair the equipment or will need to replace it.

Cleaning the broken glass proved particularly tricky in a barefoot environment. Credit: Jubilee Pool

It took three or four people several hours to clean up the mess. They had to be especially careful when cleaning the broken glass – going through the floor three times to make sure nothing was left. Luckily this happened far from the pool so they didn’t need to close completely.

Richard James said: “We were lucky on this occasion. Their actions could have meant a three or four day shutdown, which would have been a disappointment for many people during the hot weather.”

In a post on the Jubilee Pool Facebook page the team said: “We are very sad to report that for the third time in as many weeks Jubilee Pool has been subject to vandalism and damage. It is heartbreaking that there are people out there who are ‘will lower to breaking in only to inflict damage especially since the pool is owned by the local community.

“People have invested their time and hard earned money to save this pool and it’s so disheartening that there are others who want to damage it.”

It took three or four people several hours to clean up the mess. Credit: Jubilee Pool

One of the previous incidents took place on July 7, after England beat Denmark in the Euro 2020 semi-finals. An unknown number of people threw bottles in the lido from the main road. The pool had to be closed for a day while the glass was removed and extensive checks were carried out.

The first incident took place earlier in July when vandals broke into and broke through the cover of the geothermal pool, causing damage.

Police responded after the latest break-in and took away what they described as “strong forensic evidence”.

Work will now take place to improve the safety of the popular lido. Credit: Jubilee Pool

There is CCTV at the pool and security guards respond when the alarm goes off.

The team will be working with them over the next few days to see how the system can be improved.

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