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Lacamoire said in an interview with The Star this week that he decided that a 10-piece band, rather than a full Broadway orchestra, was what “Hamilton” was asking for.

“At first we had a pop rhythm section with a string quartet,” he recalls.

Other instruments were considered, and sometimes included in the songs. But nothing seemed right.

“That’s when I knew I was going in the right direction,” he said.

He also inserted electronic sounds in a few songs, which underline an emotion or underline the chaos or importance of a scene.

“It was the best way to express music,” he said. “Music is rooted in hip hop – there is a lot of electronics in hip hop. And there are certainly some sounds that are better reproduced by computers.

Julia K. Harriman plays Eliza Hamilton while Julius Thomas III plays Alexander Hamilton in the musical “Hamilton”.

Jeanne Marcus

Tributes in ‘Hamilton’

Miranda let her love of hip-hop, musical theater and New York City shine through. A sample :

In the second song, “Aaron Burr, Sir,” the phrase “show time” was a nod to New York City subway breakdancers, who start their shows with this statement. And in the song “My Shot”, Burr says, “You Must Be Carefully Taught”, a line from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “South Pacific”.

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