Frustrated Drivers Express Anger Over Panic Gas Buying

Cornish motorists have been left angry after the apparent panic buying of fuel led to long waits at petrol stations across the county.

Long queues are seen in a number of places as people try to stock up ahead of price spikes expected since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Some forecourts have resorted to shutting down pumps after a supply disruption, mostly diesel.

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Forecourts were already struggling to keep up with demand after bad weather from storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin prevented scheduled deliveries.

This disruption was particularly severe in the South West and in Cornwall in particular.

On Tuesday morning (March 1), motorists are reporting long waits for fuel.

In the Cornwall Traffic and Travel Facebook group, Andrew Russell said: ‘The Truro Sainsbury’s fuel queue is halfway along Highertown. Prepare for a long wait.

Heather Street added: ‘Avoid Penryn, Commercial Road.

“Temporary traffic lights near charity shops and everyone queuing for Texaco.”

Gillian Rowe went so far as to claim caregivers are unable to complete their rounds due to panic buying.

She said: ‘No carers today as they can’t get diesel around Falmouth. Total madness.

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Lisa Roberts reported large queues for fuel in the pool.

She wrote: ‘I felt so sorry for the poor cashier at Maynes Garage in Pool.

“Traffic was blocked all the way to Chili Road and he was there by himself.”

Meanwhile, a photo has surfaced showing a person in a garage near Penzance filling up eight jerrycans.

A number of supermarkets are said to have reserved fuel for carers and key workers.

People were quick to condemn the behavior of the panicked shoppers.

Amie Hopkinson said: “People are completely brain dead. I haven’t panicked bought a single item in the past two years of so-called shortage and I’m still alive.

Sarah Vech Lou added: “Not to mention the people who really need diesel because not everyone can afford to fill up all the time, but if you’re not in the red and can travel to important destinations. then leave the diesel to the people who really need it.

“Think of emergency services, essential workers. Never figure it out, why panic, if everyone just carried on as usual, we would never be in this situation in the first place. Jeesh people are so self-centered.

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