Fractal Design Meshify 2 Case Review

This may be the first thing you think of; it might be the last, but if you’re building your own PC, you’ll need a case to store it all in. While it’s tempting to just reuse your old case, or even install some kind of bespoke abomination that will cause more trouble than it’s worth, it would be so much easier to just buy something something new that fits the needs of your build and looks fun to boot. Good, Fractal’s Meshify 2 Case worth a visit since you are in the market.

When I first gave in to the ever-present, unquenchable desire to build a new PC (which I suspect lives in all of us), I noticed that Fractal’s Meshify cases cropped up frequently in builds of other users. These are pretty popular cases, and now that I’ve had one, I can definitely see why.

So I’m specifically working with a Fractal Design Meshify 2 with lightweight tempered glass, and this thing is great. As I’ve told several people about it, it’s big enough to fit a small child inside, and the tempered glass side allows you to keep an eye on them, so it really is a great tool of babysitting. In all seriousness, this case is big enough to hold a full size ATX motherboard and still has plenty of room for any kind of water pumps or additional hard drive bays, easily.

You can even use a larger motherboard if you don’t mind covering a grommet here or there. While it’s certainly nice to have such a large PC, if you’re not planning on displaying it, it can be quite bulky. It’s too big for desktop drawers, designed specifically for desktop towers, and unless you have a particularly spacious desk, you’re going to be competing for legroom with your new computer case. computer.

That being said, the Meshify 2 computer case is not designed to be hidden. No, this box was designed for airflow. Two fans in the front, one in the back, mesh covers (hence the name) top and front, dust bins behind the front, top and bottom covers. This case was designed with maximum airflow in mind. All of those mesh panels and dust pans are easy to remove, if for some reason they get in the way of your style or block an exhaust fan, mostly without the need for hardware.

“The Meshify 2 computer case is not designed to be hidden.”

psuBehind the main compartment are a few cable ties along one side of the case and in the center, ideally near the rubber grommets for running wires to headers etc. There are two additional holders for 2.5 inch drives and a general purpose holder for various other things. Below, behind another easy-to-remove panel, is an impressively long bay for your power supply and a few extra mounts for external drives.

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Case Review

While I hope I’ve conveyed the size of this case at this point, I must point out that despite being a monster, it’s still quite sleek. There are really only two color options for this specific model, black and gray (I got gray because I’m clearly a party animal), but the tempered glass will really be what catches the eye. Additionally, we have two USB 3.0 ports, one USB-C, power and reset buttons, and jacks for mics and headphones.

All in all, I can’t really find much to hold against this case. It will hold just about anything you want to put in it, probably with room to spare. The manual indicates different specialized setups that one could use to perform other wild experiments. Although it has a slew of fans, they all ran quiet enough that I wasn’t always sure when my fancy PC was on.

This case has been on the market for a few years at this point, so its price has fallen to a very good level. If you’re not in a situation where space is going to be at a premium, then Fractal Design’s Meshify 2 case will be a great choice for any next PC build you’re considering.

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