Former House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn Relaunches ‘Energized For Change’ Political Action Committee

Richmond, VA – Energized for Change (EFC) PAC, launched in 2019 by Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn to help Democrats win a majority in the House of Delegates, is relaunched today with an expanded scope to transform Virginia Blue and help elect school board Democrats in place of the Capitol. Filler-Corn, who served as the first female and first Jewish speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates, has organized nearly $7 million to ensure success for top-down Democrats since the launch of the EFC PAC in 2019, and plans to build on these successes.

FillerCorn said:

“Right-wing national special interests have come to Virginia, and we must stop them before they can make any further gains. Freedom and security are under attack daily with threats to children, women’s health care, access to abortion, gun safety, voting rights, worker safety, education public and much more. Governor Youngkin and Republican leaders want to roll back the gains we have made and return to the days of a less just, less equitable and less secure Commonwealth. Our goal is to elect School Board Democrats to Capitol Square, so that we become Virginia Blue and that Virginia remains safe, open, and welcoming to all.

Governor Youngkin, through his speeches, vetoes, executive orders and other actions, has taken over a page from the national right-wing playbook: give to those who have the most by taking from those who have the least. In order to stop him and his right-wing march to take over Virginia, Energized for Change PAC plans to help build a deep blue bench and help elect people up and down the polls that give priority to diverse people and policies.

Energized for Change’s mission is to work immediately to stop the Governor from rolling back the gains made by our Democratic majority and Governor Northam, while building a long-term team of Democrats to turn Virginia permanent blue.

As 2019 House Democratic Leader, Eileen Filler-Corn led the effort to turn Virginia’s House of Delegates blue for the first time in a generation, leading to the passage of transformational progressive policies on the gun safety, criminal justice reform, access to the vote, environmental protections, abolition of the death penalty, historic investments in public education, and more. In 2021, Filler-Corn raised a historic $4.2 million and donated $4.1 million to ensure Democrats in every battleground district have a financial edge over Republican opponents. With the new direction of the EFC PAC, Filler-Corn will continue its longstanding commitment to the House of Delegates while ensuring that Democrats expand their majority in the Virginia Senate and achieve statewide gains on the local governments, school boards and wherever help is needed.

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