For an immersive artistic experience, the artist uses Epson projection technology to explore identity

Allow creative minds to transform any space or object, Epson join multidisciplinary artist Allison “Hueman” Torneros as a projector sponsor for his first immersive art experience, “Homebody”. Spanning over 20,000 square feet, “Homebody” explores themes of identity within oneself and the wider community through original murals, portraits and sculptures displayed via map projection and reality. increased. Hueman collaborated with projection designer Craig Winslow to create the immersive experience hosted at Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley, Calif., from January 28 to February 20, 2022.

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Epson’s 3LCD laser projection solutions allow artists and designers to push the boundaries of digital and physical. Enabling artists to focus on storytelling and creating, Epson’s product line offers cutting-edge technology, durability and true-to-life color output that seamlessly merge art with technology – transforming places to work. to be seen in experiences that are remembered. For “Homebody”, Hueman used Epson light stage and Pro Series projectors in three installations to add dynamic projection mapping for a full 360° experience of the artwork.

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“The past two years have affected the way people look at themselves and each other, and the collective experience in isolation is worth reflecting on. With this exhibition, I wanted to explore identity in the context of ‘an unprecedented moment, coming together at the intersection of art and technology,” Hueman said. “Epson’s laser projection technology allowed me to create an immersive installation – immersing visitors in a colorful blend of the abstract and the figurative, offering a 360-degree experience that plays with themes of transparency, light, color and space.”


Epson LightScene accent lighting laser projectors (Photo credit: Epson)

Epson projection technology is used in three “Homebody” facilities:

•Isolation – Aiming to explore the relationship between bodies and identities – and how the two evolve in relation to devices – suspended veils of fabric dispersed in space are animated by projection-mapped animation.

• Collaboration: Exploring the ingenious ways communities have been able to connect with each other remotely, this collaborative animation engulfs space in projection-mapped magic, exploring the transformation of human identity through time, from statues elders with human faces created by AI.

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•Chrysalis–Representing positive change with the passage of time, a sculpture of a large bust with an inverted face sits in the middle of a space, surrounded by a hanging organza curtain. With projection mapping enhancing the cloud murals on the walls, guests will have a sunrise to sunset experience while feeling a sense of peace and rebirth.

The exhibition took place at Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley, located in an entire city block spanning 40,000 square feet. Led by an all-female team with a mission to humanize the space and educate BIPOC business owners, Ciel offers connected studios and creative spaces. At the forefront of a new trend by combining technology and different art forms, Ciel encourages artists, production teams, creatives and its local community to reinvent leadership in the creative industry and the role of technology in human connection and identity. “Homebody,” the Bay Area‘s largest immersive art installation, is Ciel’s first foray into this new trend.

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“Hueman’s exhibit is a great example of how projection technology can expand the possibilities and applications for creating an immersive artistic experience,” said Remi Del Mar, senior product manager for Epson America. “Epson’s laser projectors allow artists and designers to experiment with digital media and change the perception of any space or object. It’s the kind of unbridled creativity that’s only possible with projection light.”


Epson’s 9,000 lumen Pro L laser projector for conference rooms, auditoriums and live events. (Photo credit: Epson)

Epson LightScene accent-lighting laser projectors allow users to create stunning visual displays and immersive environments. A convergence of lighting and display technology, LightScene laser projectors captivate audiences by simultaneously illuminating and projecting onto virtually any surface or material to unleash dynamic, experiential content for digital art. LightScene offers a sleek black or white projector design with a range of configuration, mounting and programming options to blend unobtrusively into any environment.

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Epson Pro Series projectors offer unparalleled creative possibilities and audience experiences. Utilizing state-of-the-art 3LCD technology to deliver exceptional color output and durability, the Pro Series combines uncompromising image quality with sophisticated software and a range of available mounts, frames and lenses to overcome camera limitations. challenging space and transforming venues – bringing live events to life.

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