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You don’t have to be a Honda aficionado to think about this 1996 Honda Civic Coupe and realize that it’s about much more than a swap of engine and fancy rims. Details abound on this EJ build and there isn’t a single part of this car that hasn’t been cleaned up, replaced or reworked, all in the name of the pursuit of perfection.

Thirst for knowledge

Rather than relying on others and tossing the car from shop to shop to assemble his vision of the ideal restomod, owner Moe Drennon took matters into his own hands and proudly takes credit for building almost all aspects of this project. Having built Hondas in the past with help in various aspects, this one would serve as a turning point. “I wanted to teach myself things that I had never done before,” Moe says. “I was able to learn how to paint a car on my own! I always wanted to learn how to paint a whole car rather than miscellaneous little things that friends ask for help with. That’s the big difference and I decided that I wanted to go beyond to learn.”

Scroll through Moe’s old IG posts and you’ll spot another 6th-gen Civic from the not-so-distant past in sedan form. Having just finished this car, he felt like something was missing. The hard work was there, but he was convinced he could do better, and just a week after the sedan was considered complete, he bought this coupe for just $200.

bare bones

Now, in all honesty, it wasn’t a shining example of a coupe and the price reflected that. He adds, “Drove all the way to Georgia to pick it up. The owner had a forklift and just put it on my trailer – I didn’t even have to push it! The body was completely original and straight for the most part.. Perfect for teaching me body work, bait steps, direct metal steps, blocking and blocking and blocking – then some more blocking, until that I have a straight panel. No interior, no wiring – it was basically a blank slate and saved Moe the time needed to disassemble the car while also saving money on items I he wouldn’t use anyway.

Serving as its first official full paint job, the coupe’s finish is exceptional. The paint was continued into the cabin and engine bay, and also covers some choice parts that needed to be found. “I wanted to add things that I had always wanted since the early 2000s, like the Mugen Ferio spoiler, the Veilside bonnet and the old state plates.” All-new Regamaster Evos have been bolted to the 32mm ITR 5-lug conversion and the skin of the car has been tuned with Riaction coilovers backed by a host of suspensions that replace worn parts and spice up the EJ’s handling .

Once an H-series guy, Moe has since switched to Honda’s do-it-all K24. Fitted with a K20 oil pump, ARP head studs and 50-degree VTC, the refreshed 2.4L has no problem producing power above 8,000 rpm, in particular with its Toda cams and valve train in service. Moe added a titanium intake and Skunk2 manifold up front, and a DTR header on the hot side. He sized his exhaust system using a K-Teller piping kit and incorporated a Vibrant resonator and Burns Stainless muffler to muzzle some of the exhaust noise.

Cut the rope

Rather than sourcing the proper fuse boxes and associated wiring, Moe decided to keep things simple and useful and opted for Rywire’s solid-state fuseless PDM system. With 14 channels available to activate the basics, like fuel pump, starter, headlights, etc., the mass of wiring you’re used to seeing is non-existent. In an environment where conveniences are not on the menu, the simplicity and serviceability of Rywire’s PDM keeps things remarkably tidy and easy to install. Ultimately, on the test bench, a solid 252 Whp and 188 lb-ft. of torque was dropped with Hondata’s KPro V4 pulling the strings.

Moe broke away from traditional fuses and awkward wiring, but ensured it could capture and display vital engine components. “It’s all linked via CAN. It’s very cool and easy to track vehicle data with everything showing on my AIM MXP dashboard,” adds Moe. Much of that missing interior that featured in the car’s ridiculously low price was never replaced. In the rear, a four-point roll bar with additional gussets was welded in place before Moe’s paint job was applied. Up front, the dash and center console are pretty much the only reintroduced OEM elements. Bride bucket seats replace the less-than-stellar factory versions with a Mugen suede steering wheel on board. Hybrid Racing’s V3 shifter kit and racing cables have their way with the RSX Type S drivetrain and those missing door cards aren’t missing at all, that gap now filled by LRB aluminum panels.

A small investment of $200 turned into the lesson of a lifetime for a builder wanting to add automotive skills to his resume. “All of my friends who I call family who I named on my shout out list (below) really pitched in and helped with the build. I was able to produce this vehicle straight out of my garage with my own hands and my knowledge.. No shop has touched this vehicle other than fabulous work with the cage, exhaust work and tuning!”

1996 Honda Civic Coupe DX

Engine K24A Swap, K20A Oil Pump, 50 VTC Cam Gear; ARP head studs; Unit2 baffled oil pan; Hasport EKK2 mounts; Cams, valve springs, retainers Toda High Power K20A; Skunk2 Ultra Street Intake Manifold; DTR K-swap header; STL Fab 3.5 inch. titanium intake; K-Teller 3 in. stainless steel exhaust pipe; Burns stainless steel racing silencer; Ultra-quiet Vibrant Performance resonator, -16 AN lines; concealed ChaseBays radiator; 1050X Dynamic Midspan; AEM 320lph fuel pump; Hybrid Racing fuel rail, return -6 AN; Radium fuel pressure regulator; Management Hondata KPro V4

Transmission RSX S-type gearbox; KAAZ limited slip; Competition Clutch 6 pucks, ultra-lightweight flywheel; Hybrid Racing V3 shifter, Race Cables

Suspension Riaction USA coilovers; 24mm ASR stabilizer bar, subframe brace, D-brackets; Truhart bushings, fore/aft adjustable arms; ASC Speed ​​Metal 3 points. shock tower bar; Kirk 4 points. welded roll bar with additional bellows

Braking ITR conversion 5 lugs 32 mm; APG Performance 6-piston calipers, pads, lines

Wheels and tires 16×8 +35 Desmond Regamaster; 215/45 Falken Azenis RT660

Outside White taffeta paint; Exceed the front/rear lip of Japan; Mugen Ferio rear wing; Veil side hood; Racing side mirrors; Thin side moldings EK9

Interior Bride Zeta III XL seats; Renegade x Willans 6 points. harness; ASR harness retractors; Mugen 3 suede steering wheel; Checkerd Sports Center; the FEEL gear lever knob; AIM MXP digital dashboard; reversing camera; LRB door panels; Military spec Rywire harness; PDM 12 Chassis Harness, Charging Harness

Thanks Premium Garage Krew PGKALLDAY! Papaya Motorsports, Hybrid Racing, Riaction USA, Falken Tire, Deft Motion, Rywire Motorsport Electronics, Import Alliance, Exceed Japan, ChaseBays, ShowstoppersUSA, Renegade Motorsports, EBTEC, Smithson Speed ​​And Engineering, Freedom Automotive

S Korean Travel makes localized payment case Wed, 22 Jun 2022 08:03:42 +0000

Neither pandemic surges nor inflation will deter adventurous South Korean travelers from booking travel in a year of recovery, but it’s an advanced market that demands more of travel experiences, the way travelers are able to pay and, in the case of suppliers, to be paid.

Regardless of the market, it comes down to solid execution of localization strategies on a global scale, like Worldline Global Travel Manager Damien Cramer says Karen Webster of PYMNTS.

To say that Asia is always behind the West “by a year or a season, if you will,” Cramer explained, “South Koreans, like Singaporeans where I am, and like some of the other maybe more developed markets in Southeast Asia, are a bit ahead of some other markets, and we’re looking forward to travel and we’re definitely planning to travel significantly.

In early June, the South Korean government eased its COVID-19 restrictions, eliminating the so-called push for “revenge trips” for takeoff.

To get the most out of it, travel suppliers must cater to local and regional payment preferences or risk running into foreign exchange (FX) issues that can kill a transaction, Cramer said.

“The biggest challenge, if I had to make it really basic, is the difference in language and cultural experience,” he said. “If you’ve ever branched out and hopped on a native [eCommerce] website or a native [travel] website in Indonesia, the product, the way things are presented and the user experience is quite different from how many westerners like to see it.

It does this by embracing and reflecting cultural, linguistic and regional differences and presenting them appropriately for South Korea – or any distinct geographic market – because what works even in a border country will work at all in neighboring markets.

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Conversion of local payments

Highlighting the rising costs of international travel, Cramer said: “What we need to be aware of is that in this costly purchasing decision there is an important level of trust – trusting the way the payment solutions are presented, the types of payment solutions presented, are they payment solutions that I know, trust and recognise? »

Yes, Visa and Mastercard are there, but they go hand-in-hand with “a lot of other very localized payment options where consumers have a high level of trust, and they’re heavily integrated into that market,” he said. he declared to Webster.

“I think we’ll see situations where customers will go, ‘if the airline…that I want to book isn’t going to present me with the option to pay with my Samsung card or whatever, but I can access a online travel will do that, I might be more inclined to use that secondary payment option or that secondary channel, rather than the primary channel,” he said.

It’s a failed conversion and a lost customer – two punches that all players try to avoid.

Approval rates come into the discussion with urgency when cross-border payments are involved, and there are issues that travel providers and payment providers need to address.

“I’m not a very tech-savvy person, but there’s a dark art, I think, associated with approval rates, how and where you route transactions,” Cramer said. “One of the things that’s mostly true is that the closer you can get to a localized network and a localized solution, the more likely you are to get approved.”

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Data, trust and “Revenge Travel”

The pain and friction of international routing and approvals for expensive travel purchases that set off alarm bells with fraud schemes underscores the role of trust in these transactions.

“Travel is an ambitious service,” Cramer said. “What you get is a market ripe for some level of fraud. People want it, some people can’t afford it or want a better product or better service or whatever, and it happens. lends itself to levels of fraud.

Calling Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) models “a very good way to combat this”, Cramer said the new authentication capabilities are a huge improvement over last-generation solutions which he called ” crude and clumsy” and designed to protect traders more than consumers.

Meanwhile, he said these SCA solutions that assess fraud and risk are based on data points.

“There are some really valuable data points [being collected],” he said. “The data points that we have as a large payments processor that we can add to this are all very important and valuable when it comes to strong customer authentication.”

Worldline offers SCA services and will introduce them in South Korea as part of continued expansion into Asia and other markets.

The data goes a long way in everything from authenticating the purchase up front to issuing a refund down the line if needed, as so many others have since 2020.

“To a large extent, the rails, the infrastructure and the processes [needed] to be able to manage the reverse flow and overall risk were not in place,” he said. “We had to learn by doing. We learned by failing in some cases. We learned by co-creating a whole bunch of challenges.

Post-pandemic, there is “much more know-how and understanding, out of necessity rather than pure strategic decision-making intent, about the processes, systems and services that help manage and protect customers and the funds…and the whole mechanism around how the reimbursement processes work.”

Call it a recovery, a rebound or a journey of revenge, but pent-up demand in hot markets like South Korea is serving as a precursor to the broader global recovery, and there are new expectations.

“Ultimately, we have to adapt to consumer demand, and rightly so consumer demand in this market is going to require levels of flexibility, or a higher proportion of the population requiring levels of flexibility, than they would have otherwise before that, I didn’t expect that,” he said.

“Merchant Systems and Processes [and] payment service providers like us who handle and handle the money on their behalf, through the network to issuers, have been set up to support this,” he added. “Every crisis creates an opportunity.”

It’s an opportunity with a mission. Cramer pointed to a study that showed 60% of South Koreans are “excited” about the potential of technology to personalize their travel experience.

“I was watching this and I was like ‘OK, 60% is pretty good,'” he said.

And a lot of opportunities to exploit.



About: PYMNTS’ survey of 2,094 consumers for The Tailored Shopping Experience report, a collaboration with Elastic Path, shows where merchants are succeeding and where they need to up their game to deliver a personalized shopping experience.

Heat catches planting delays in Minnesota Tue, 21 Jun 2022 20:48:15 +0000


Heat catches planting delays in Minnesota

There are concerns that extended delays in corn planting in parts of the Midwest could limit yield potential.

Austen Germolus, a farmer in northwest Minnesota, said he couldn’t start planting until late May, but recent heat is helping the harvest catch up.

“It was cold (this spring), the trees hadn’t even put leaves (and) the ground was cold. And once (time) turned around, it turned around pretty quickly. And once you planted your crops, it didn’t take long for them to sprout (and emerge) from the ground. So I think everything went normally even though it was late.

He tells Brownfield a few 100-degree days and nice rain on Monday night makes him confident about pollinating the corn once July rolls around.

“We will be on the right track. Usually we like to say “knee high by 4th of July” with corn, and I’d say a large majority of corn will be in that state or beyond.

Germolus says many farmers in his area have considered opting for a shorter maize season, but most “stick to their plan” despite the late start to planting.

July program includes stories, performances and more Tue, 21 Jun 2022 13:57:32 +0000

The month of July is full of opportunities to enjoy theatre, visual arts and live music. The centerpiece will be the Westerville Music & Arts Festival on July 9 and 10, featuring 130 artists, 30 performances, 20 food vendors, a silent auction and youth activities at Heritage Park and Everal Barn.

Details are at For a full calendar of arts events, visit

Linda Wilkins is a member of the Westerville Arts Council.

July Calendar

Tuesdays – JC Lunch Break Concerts, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Live music on the Brick Walk at Central Java Café, 20 S. State St.

Saturday and Sunday – Uptown Saturday Nights and Sounds of Summer concerts. Live music at City Hall Courtyard, 21 S. State St., and Alum Creek Park North, 221 W. Main St.