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On September 15, 2022, Cash Express, LLC filed a data breach with the Montana Attorney General after the company suffered a data breach involving an unauthorized party with access to sensitive consumer data contained on Cash’s network. Express. According to Cash Express, the breach resulted in the compromise of first and last names, dates of birth, contact information, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers and financial information belonging to certain individuals. Recently, Cash Express sent data breach letters to all affected parties, informing them of the incident and what they can do to protect themselves against identity theft and other fraud.

What we know about the Cash Express data breach

News of the Cash Express data breach comes from the company’s official filing with the Montana Attorney General as well as a notice posted on the Cash Express website. According to these sources, on February 6, 2022, the company detected unusual activity on its computer network. In response, Cash Express secured its systems and then hired a third-party data security company to help investigate the company.

As a result of this investigation, Cash Express has confirmed that an unauthorized party gained access to certain files on the company’s computer network between the dates of January 29, 2022 and February 6, 2022. It was also disclosed to the During the investigation that some of the files accessed by the unauthorized party contained sensitive consumer information.

After discovering that consumer data was accessible to an unauthorized party, Cash Express then reviewed the affected files to determine what information was compromised and which consumers were affected. The company completed its review of the affected files on August 4, 2022. While the information disclosed will vary depending on the individual, it may include your first and last name, date of birth, contact information, social security number, your driver’s license number and financial information.

On September 15, 2022, Cash Express sent data breach letters to everyone whose information was compromised as a result of the recent data security incident.

Founded in 1995, Cash Express, LLC is a check cashing company based in Cookeville, Tennessee. The Company offers a variety of loans and related services to its customers, including flexible loans, payday loans, installment loans, title loans, check cashing services, pawnbrokers, and more. Cash Express has dozens of locations in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Arkansas. Cash Express employs over 240 people and generates approximately $52 million in annual revenue.

How Hackers Use Social Security Numbers

Hackers and other cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to obtain consumers’ personal information. Social security numbers are perhaps the most valuable of all information, from a hacker’s perspective. But how can they take advantage of your stolen SSN? Most people assume that identity theft or unauthorized transactions are the worst damage that can result from a data breach; however, this is not necessarily the case, especially when they get your social security number.

Criminals have several ways to profit from stolen social security numbers.

Open credit cards or take out loans

The most common harm from a data breach is that hackers use your information to open a new line of credit, such as a new credit card or personal loan. This gives criminals quick access to a large sum of money that they can use to purchase goods on your behalf. To open a new credit account, a hacker needs your social security number, as well as your name, date of birth, and address. However, once they have your name and social security number, getting the other information won’t be too much of a hassle. For example, in the Cash Express data breach, all of these types of data appear to have been leaked. And even if a hacker is missing certain information, they may gain access to your other data through another data breach, an existing database of compromised information, or by searching online using the information. volleys he already has.

Tax refund fraud

A hacker who steals your social security number can quite easily file a fraudulent tax return on your behalf in hopes of intercepting your tax refund. To do this, they just need to file a tax return in your name before you do. Unfortunately, victims of tax refund fraud often don’t realize they’ve been targeted until the IRS rejects their tax return because it’s already been filed. To reduce the chances of a hacker successfully committing tax refund fraud, you should file your tax return as soon as possible.

Open fraudulent utility accounts

According to the Federal Trade Commission, 13% of fraud incidents in 2016 involved criminals setting up new phone and utility accounts. Although the harms of utility fraud may not seem as great as those of other types of fraud, the regulations surrounding the utility industry can make resolving a utility fraud case extremely difficult and time-consuming. To open a utility account, all a hacker needs is your name, address, and social security number.

Of course, in many cases the hackers are not committing identity theft or fraud themselves. Instead, they post your information for sale on the dark web and resell it to the highest bidder. This allows hackers to make a quick profit and move on to the next cyberattack and the next group of victims.

The Cash Express data breach is still under investigation; however, even at this early stage, it appears that those affected by the incident are at increased risk of identity theft and other fraud. If you have done business with Cash Express and would like to review the company’s data breach letter and learn more about your legal options, click here to review our recent article on the subject.

How Climate Change Affects These 13 Foods Tue, 20 Sep 2022 14:14:00 +0000

Recent research published by Verisk, a data analytics company, indicates that corn grain yield will decline 20-40% in the US Corn Belt from 1991-2000 levels by 2046-2055. (In case you’re unfamiliar, 1991 is a benchmark year because it marks what’s considered US normals, a 30-year average of climate data points received from weather stations across the country.) , when it comes to corn, research from Emory University indicates that corn production in the U.S. Corn Belt, including states like Illinois and Iowa, will no longer be practical by 2100. Considering that corn is one of the crops with the largest acreage in the United States (estimated at around 92 million acres by researchers at Penn State University), changing corn growing conditions will undoubtedly drastically alter the agricultural landscape of the American Midwest.

Unlike many other crops, corn has important ties to animal agriculture, where it is a food source for species like cattle, pigs and chickens and a biofuel for ethanol production. According to Verisk, the U.S. Corn Belt produces 90% of the nation’s corn grain and nearly 30% of the world’s corn crop. Reduced corn supply, due to climate change, will affect wholesale corn prices as well as products that depend on a steady supply of corn, such as high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and other food additives.

Students watch Queen’s funeral in Charles’ former bedroom Mon, 19 Sep 2022 17:26:12 +0000

A group of pupils from the King’s former school said it was “surreal” to sit in their former bedroom while watching the Queen’s funeral.

Gordonstoun School in Morayshire suspended lessons on Monday to allow staff and pupils to watch the funeral broadcast.

King Charles joined the independent school in 1962 and studied there for five years.

During this time he became a member of the Coastguard and performed in school plays, winning lead roles in productions such as Macbeth and Pirates of Penzance.

He then became a school tutor (head boy) in his senior year, in addition to being a color carrier (head boy) and head of his boarding house, Windmill Lodge.

On Monday, Amelia, the current head of household, and her friends gathered in what is now her bedroom to attend the Queen’s funeral.

It’s all really connected

The group of girls gathered around the same desk that was used by the king during his stay at school, to follow the proceedings on a laptop.

Asked what it was like to witness such a historic event in the room Charles had lived in, Amelia told the PA News Agency: ‘It’s a strange feeling.

“Also, the laptop on his old desk and watching the Queen’s funeral is – yes, really weird. Everything is really connected.

The queen had a close connection with the school. Her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, studied there in his youth.

Their three sons, Charles, Edward and Andrew, all followed in their father’s footsteps, and the Princess Royal’s two children, Zara and Peter, were also students at the independent school.

Charles was the first Prince of Wales to be educated in a school instead of having private tutors, with one newspaper describing the decision to send him to a British school as “spectacular”.

The Queen visited Gordonstoun regularly, both formally and informally, taking a close interest in her sons’ progress and watching them participate in extracurricular activities.

The New Guard: Huntridge LLC earns tricolors all year round Sun, 18 Sep 2022 23:55:55 +0000

Halie Robinson and Baas

By Tyler Bui

If you had asked Halie Robinson years ago what her dream barn might look like, she would have described the barn she has now.

“I always had a very specific vision of what I wanted the stable to be and what I wanted the horses to be,” Robinson told The Plaid Horse. “I feel really lucky now that with the right group of people and the right owners and customers, this is really coming to fruition.”

Huntridge LLC, run by Halie Robinson, quickly grew into a thriving business, producing some of the best hunting and derby mounts on the West Coast. Huntridge LLC is home to a fleet of top hunter mounts and a range of junior and adult riders who compete on the west coast and travel east for the indoor season and finals. Additionally, Robinson currently sits fourth in the WCHR National Rider Rankings as a developing professional.

“We all share the same goals, both for the riders and for the development of the horses. We are very lucky, everyone really enjoys being involved in raising talented young horses,” says Robinson. “Thanks to the relationships and the people we have, we are able to let these horses shine in these really important times.”

Midway through the 2022 show year, Huntridge has performed at most A-tour shows on the West Coast, including the Desert Circuit, Blenheim, Temecula and Menlo. As the WCHR shows draw to a close, the farm is looking forward to Indoors in the fall, especially Capital Challenge.

“A lot of attention to detail in addition to a lot of riding skills is essential in hunters,” says Robinson. “What works for one horse won’t work for another horse, so you really have to listen to them.”

Read on to learn more about some of Huntridge LLC’s horses.



Kingston is a 2015 4 p.m. Dutch Warmblood Bay gelding owned by Stonefield Sport Horses LLC. Although relatively new to the show circuit, he has already proven himself in his first year on the show.

“Kingston is a horse that has really surprised me with how far he has come. He was five when we got him, but he was so natural and brave,” says Robinson. “He just turned seven and he has about a year of competitive experience, but it seems he has so much more experience than that. year. He gets in the ring and he doesn’t want to lose.

While Kingston and Rocketman have their own personalities, Robinson says they have a few particular traits in common.

“It’s their spirits that really set them apart,” she says. “They are the calmest, bravest horses you will ever meet and nothing bothers them. For them, they will really thrive in situations like Capital Challenge and Derby Finals at night under the lights. Those are my two big goals for both of them, because the more you throw at them the better they get.

Kingston Equestrian Show Highlights:

  • $5,000 USHJA Open National Hunter Derby – Blenheim June Classic II – Top 10
  • $5,000 USHJA 3’/3’3″ Green Hunter Incentive – Blenheim June Classic II – Reserve Champion
  • US Equestrian Young Hunter 7 & Under National Points – Top 10
  • USHJA Zone 10 Young Hunter 7 and under – Top 2
Little Prince


Little Prince is a 15.3h, 2014 gray Swedish Warmblood gelding owned by Hero Bean Stevenson (who The Plaid Horse recently featured on our cover), purchased within the last year.

“Prince just has the most precious personality. He’s a doll and he lives to make everyone happy,” Robinson says. purchased, he’s a barn favorite. He’s still been through a lot for the first time, but he still amazes us with his willpower. Prince is the perfect match for Hero and their partnership has grown so well over the course of the short time they worked together.

Highlights of the Little Prince horse show:

  • $5,000 USHJA 3’/3’3″ Green Hunter Incentive – Blenheim June Classic II – 6th
  • $5,000 USHJA Open National Hunter Derby – Blenheim June Classic II – Top 10


Baas is a 16.1h 2006 KWPN bay gelding owned by Talia Jones Roston. As a young horse, Baas competed as a top rider in Europe and now performs as a top adult hunter and in derbies.

“Baas is 16, which surprises a lot of people. We’ve had him since March 2020 – he had his very first show with us in August, and now he’s an international Derby horse,” says Robinson. “He goes from 3′ Adult Amateur Hunters with Talia straight to International Derbies, which shows how amazing he is.”

Highlights of the Baas Horse Show:

  • $15,000 USHJA Professional National Hunter Derby – Blenheim Spring Classic III – 2nd
  • $50,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby – Desert Circuit IV – Top 10
  • $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby – Blenheim June Classic II – Top 12
  • $25,000 West Coast WCHR Hunter Classic – BlenheimJune Classic I – Top 10


Rocketman, or “Pluto,” is a 2014 KWPN Bay gelding owned by Rosender LLC. As fate would have it, Robinson knew the gelding as a young horse, years before she knew he would end up in her program. Today it is presented by both Robinson and Hadley Boyd, daughter of Patricia Boyd, owner of Pluto. Boyd and Rocketman compete in the Amateur Owner Hunters and have earned several wins and championships together.

“I rode Rocketman when I was 4 years old in Europe for a sales video. I rode so many horses that day, I couldn’t really remember the names, but he marked me and I I was shocked he was only four years old because he was so easy to ride,” says Robinson.

After hearing nothing about Rocketman for a few years, Robinson found herself flying across the country at a horse show to try out a horse for a client.

“I jumped six jumps on him and knew he was awesome. Three months later I realized I had ridden him years before, and it finally figured out why I had felt like to know him,” she said.

Not only does Robinson have a special relationship with Pluto, but she also considers the Boyds part of her family. Robinson and Hadley Boyd attended school together from kindergarten through high school, and their mothers are best friends after meeting in the kindergarten queue 20 years ago.

“Doing all of this and being so successful with Rocketman means so much more because they’re basically my own family – it’s such a special experience for everyone. Pluto is the kindest, most loving horse and for him , having such a wonderful family makes me so happy.

Rocketman Horse Show Highlights:

  • $5,000 USHJA 3’6”/3’9” Green Hunter Incentive SW Regional Championships – Winner – Score 94
  • $10,000 USHJA Pro National Hunter Derby – Blenheim Summer Festival – Top 10
  • $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby – Blenheim June Classic II – Top 10
  • $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby – Temecula Valley National II – Top 10 – Score 98
  • $15,000 USHJA Professional National Hunter Derby – Blenheim Spring Classic III – 4th
  • WCHR High Score Performance Hunter Award – Blenheim June Classic I
  • Best Overall Score Award – Blenheim June Classic I

*This story originally appeared in the September 2022 issue of The Plaid Horse. Click here to read it now and subscribe for issues delivered right to your door!

It’s harvest season and local food banks want surplus items to help families in need Sat, 17 Sep 2022 20:05:00 +0000

BLACKFOOT— Nearly 200 volunteers showed up at Blackfoot Saturday morning to pick, shell, blanch and package corn for The Community Dinner Table.

The Community Dinner Table is a multi-faith organization that offers weekly dinners in Bingham County for those in need of a meal or fellowship.

Lee Hammett and Randy Shiosaii have served on the board of The Community Dinner Table and have been running the corn shelling service event for 12 years.

“Richard Johnson donates corn. He’s a farmer. He tells me when the corn will be ready, then I set the date,” Shiosaai said. “It’s the best corn in the western United States. He cultivates this especially for us. He keeps it sweet because he knows the people we work with love him.

Community members gather before sunrise to pick and shell maize. He is then transferred to the Jason Lee Methodist Church, where other volunteers are waiting to process and freeze him.

“One year we actually did 7,000 cobs of corn, but I think Richard is trying to keep it at 5,000. That’s a lot of corn,” Hammett said.

In the end, the event gives about 150 gallons to freeze.

Bagging corn at The Community Dinner Table in Blackfoot. | Morgan Mathis,

As summer draws to a close and cooler weather begins to creep into eastern Idaho, farmers and gardeners are harvesting fresh, locally grown produce.

Year after year, people in our area leave zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes and other produce on the sidewalk for anyone who might use them. They bring it to church and work, trying to find a home for the product they know they won’t be able to use before it spoils.

According to the Idaho Food Bank, one in 11 eastern Idahoans suffers from food insecurity. Gardeners can play a key role in providing fresh produce to those struggling to feed their families.

Hammett says their organization and others like theirs could use any locally grown product.

“If it’s grown in the ground, if there’s dirt on it, we take it,” he explains.

Donations are used at the Community Pantry, which is also operated by The Community Dinner Table.

The Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership’s Rexburg Outreach Food Pantry is also seeking donations.

“We’ll accept whatever product people are willing to bring in as long as it’s not rotten,” Bella Atriano of the Outreach Center told

The Community Food Basket in Idaho Falls and The Giving Cupboard in Rigby also accept donations to feed the community.

“We would accept any type of product. We prefer things that don’t need to be refrigerated right away simply because we have limited fridge space,” said Kori Ellis, vice president of Giving Cupboard.

If you would like to donate your surplus harvest, the Idaho Food Bank and Ample Harvest maintain information on food banks that accept locally grown produce.

If you’re looking for a hot meal in Bingham County, you can find one at The Community Dinner Table every Tuesday night from early October through late March.

Morgan Mathis | EastIdahoNews.ccom

Payday lenders disappear from Bellevue, rest of state after interest capped at 36% | Nice view Sat, 17 Sep 2022 13:00:00 +0000

Nebraska payday lenders have all closed in the two years since voters capped the interest rate they could charge.

The latest handful waived their delayed depository services business licenses in December, according to records maintained by the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance.

Just six months earlier, there were 19 such companies. That, in turn, was down from the 65 businesses allowed on June 30, 2020, shortly before Nebraskanians passed a ballot measure limiting businesses to charging 36% annual interest. The measure was passed with more than 80% support.

People also read…

Former state senator Al Davis of Hyannis, a Nebraskans leader for responsible lending who pushed the ballot measure, offered only fake sympathy about the demise of the lending industry. Nebraska.

“Isn’t that a shame!” he said, adding, “They presented themselves as good Samaritans helping people, but they were anything but.”

Davis said he didn’t expect all payday lenders to close, though he expected the number of such businesses to drop significantly. He noted that industry officials predicted ahead of the 2020 vote that some lenders were likely to hang on.

On the other side, Ed D’Alessio, executive director of INFiN, a national trade association representing deferred deposit companies, said the shutdowns were predictable, based on the experience of other states that have imposed similar rate caps.

“Nebraska’s 36% rate cap on deferred deposit loans was never about consumer protection,” he said. “It was about the thinly veiled desire of activists to eliminate a regulated service loved by many.”

D’Alessio predicted that “Nebraska is likely to learn the hard way that illegal lenders thrive under restrictive, arbitrary, and antiquated rate caps, with little consumer protection.”

Payday loans, also known as cash advances, check advances, or deferred deposit loans, are a type of short-term, high-cost borrowing that people use to obtain small amounts immediate money.

Lenders typically charge a 15% fee, rather than traditional interest, for a short period. For example, a customer could write a check for $100 dated two weeks in the future, and the lender would give that person $85 in cash. When translated into an annual interest rate, the results can be surprising.

A state report showed that Nebraska payday borrowers ended up paying an average annual rate of 405% in 2019. The 1994 state law authorizing payday lenders in Nebraska exempted them from the general cap on 16% on interest rates.

As a result, borrowers can find themselves in a spiral of debt, in which they pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees over time and fall further and further behind financially. Some lose bank accounts or even end up in bankruptcy.

Reports from the state banking department showed that approximately 50,000 people took out payday loans in Nebraska in 2019. The average loan was $362, and the average person got 10 loans during the year.

The coalition that called for a rate cap on the ballot and lobbied for its passage included several organizations that work with or advocate for Nebraska’s low-income families, children and seniors — the groups most likely to be affected by payday loan debt.

In response, industry representatives argued that the cap would bankrupt most, if not all, payday lenders and leave customers without good alternatives when they need money.

Kent Rogert, a lobbyist for payday lenders, said the 36% cap meant payday lenders could only earn about $1.38 per $100 lent, which isn’t enough to survive in a business that sees up to 40% of loans in default.

“The amount of money you would earn is less than what it would cost to process these transactions,” he said. “You can’t pay the lighting bill for this.”

Rogert noted that some old deferred deposit businesses may still be open to provide other services, such as cashing paychecks for a fee. He said he didn’t know what former customers were doing now if they needed money fast.

But a 2017 report of the Center for Responsible Lending said research in other states found people were turning to cheaper ways to get cash when the payday loan industry shut down. These include borrowing from family and friends, getting credit card advances, cutting expenses and tapping into savings.

Patricia Herstein, general counsel for the Nebraska Banking Department, cited other options. She said some people might use installment loan companies, which are allowed to charge up to 24% interest on the first $1,000 and 21% thereafter.

Others may have crossed state lines to find payday lenders in Iowa or other states. Some have turned to online lenders, which generally charge very high rates and are not regulated by the state. Herstein said the state agency has filed complaints about online entities and contacted them with mixed success.

She and James Goddard, senior program manager for Nebraska Appleseed, another group that backed the ballot measure, said more Nebraska credit unions were offering small-value loans.

So far, Goddard said, Nebraskanians in need of money seem to be finding ways. He said Appleseed hasn’t heard from community members saying they’re struggling to find alternatives, unlike what they’ve heard from people struggling after taking out payday loans.

“It’s a harmful product that has trapped people in a cycle of debt,” he said.

Tensions rise in Belgrade ahead of planned Pride march | app Sat, 17 Sep 2022 12:57:56 +0000

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Amid rising tensions, police were deployed to downtown Belgrade on Saturday where a pride march was scheduled to take place despite threats from anti-gay groups and an earlier official ban.

Raising hopes that the pan-European LGBTQ event will go ahead without violence, organizers said on Saturday they had received assurances from Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, who is lesbian, that the event could go ahead as planned.

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Museum curator Milo is proud to unveil the official website of the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum Fri, 16 Sep 2022 20:32:07 +0000

Mississippi’s smallest museum, located in downtown Hattiesburg, now has its own website Milo, curator of the museum, now has a new “house” on the Internet to welcome all his guests! Grab a magnifying glass and peer into his little world where (on the desktop version) he pops out of his mouse hole to serve you wine and cheese! Look around his little world (which looks amazingly like the grown-up alley!) and click on his mailbox, balloon dog Oscar and even be surprised by a black cat pretending to be the local paparazzi! The mobile version of the website isn’t quite as lively, but still gives visitors a look at past exhibits, information about the artists featured in the aisle, and a full history of how Mississippi’s smallest museum was founded.

“The whimsy, flair and attention to detail of the Pocket Alley is captured on the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum website,” said Rick Taylor, executive director of the Hattiesburg Convention Commission, which operates the Pocket Museum and the ‘aisle. “We hope this website will reach people around the world and bring even more visitors to our hidden gem in downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi.”

There is always something new to see or experience in the alley. The exhibits change on the 1st day of each month and are as varied, unique, quirky, bizarre, sweet, macabre, and unpredictable as the weather in southern Mississippi.

Site visitors can also submit an exhibit for review through the website. “We welcome collections of all kinds to submit, but we’ll only choose the most interesting for display,” Taylor said.

The DailyPay solution is now available on SAP® Store Thu, 15 Sep 2022 17:53:00 +0000

By integrating with SAP® Success factors® solutions, the DailyPay on-demand payment solution provides financial well-being and flexibility to millions of customers nationwide.

NEW YORK, September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DailyPay, Inc., a leader in on-demand payment, today announced that its Daily Pay the payment on demand solution is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. DailyPay integrates with SAP® Success factors® Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll, and SAP SuccessFactors Compensation and provides customers with on-demand compensation, also known as earned pay access.

“The power to choose and control the wages earned, especially in times of high inflation and high gas prices, can be critical for American workers trying to pay their bills and make ends meet,” said Michael McKeon, Senior Vice President of Distribution Strategy and Partnerships, DailyPay. “Through our partnership and integration with SAP, forward-thinking U.S. employers will have the ability to deliver this benefit and help drive employee recruitment and retention.”

In a tight job market, DailyPay can be an essential solution for businesses looking to hire faster and retain employees longer to meet consumer demands by:

  • Boost recruitment — According to research by DailyPay, employees who offer DailyPay fill vacancies 52% faster.
  • Retain top talent — A Mercator Advisory Group study commissioned by DailyPay found that the average seniority improved up to 73% when employers offered DailyPay.
  • Increase employee savings — According to a Aite Novarica study with DailyPay, 95% of those who previously depended on payday loans in any way stopped using payday loans (81%) or reduced their use (15%) after using DailyPay – saving $624-930 per year.

SAP Store, available at, offers a simplified and connected digital customer experience to find, try, buy and renew more than 2,000 solutions from SAP and its partners. Customers can find the SAP solutions and SAP validated solutions they need to grow their business. And for every purchase made through SAP Store, SAP will plant a tree.

DailyPay is an SAP partner® PartnerEdge® program. The SAP PartnerEdge program provides the enabling tools, benefits, and support to make it easy to build high-quality, disruptive applications focused on specific business needs, quickly and affordably.

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Michael Pearce Cornwall Test Tractor Crash Thu, 15 Sep 2022 14:41:14 +0000 THE TRIAL of a retired tractor driver has been adjourned after a problem with a witness statement prevented the court from proceeding.

Michael Joseph Pearce, 76, of Newmill, near Penzance, appeared at Truro Magistrates’ Court today on one count of allegedly driving a power-driven vehicle on a road or in a public place without care or attention after a collision with two cyclists on the left a “seriously” injured.

Magistrates heard evidence from three witnesses from the Crown Prosecution Service who claim their case seeks to prove that the defendant had “drove in a manner less than would be expected of a safe driver.

The first two Crown witnesses were the two cyclists involved in the collision, Nick Saffin and Madeline Evans.

Saffin and Evans, who both described themselves as ‘avid cyclists’, were both injured after colliding with a tractor and trailer near Penzance on May 19, 2021.

Just before midday, police were called to the collision 200 yards from Trythall Community School in New Mill, near Penzance.

The driver of the tractor with trailer had “glued directly” with two pedal cycles, a police spokesman said at the time.

Both were seriously injured and taken to hospital.

During the trial, Saffin told the magistrates the weather of the day had been “uninterrupted sunshine” and the road conditions were “dry and good”.

He continued: “We were going in the direction of the school, I was in front of Maddy.

“That’s when we became aware of the tractor, it was coming around the corner in front of us and I could see it coming down the hill towards us.

“As soon as we saw the tractor, I called Maddy and we pulled over to the side of the road.

“I was as far as I could go because at that moment it was clear the tractor wasn’t slowing down and it was way too close.”

The witness went on to tell magistrates he thought he would have been visible to Pearce and described the feeling of being “thrown” when the tractor slammed into him, saying: “It was enough to throw me in the air.”

Madeline Evans was the second witness for the prosecution and told magistrates: “Nick was ahead of me and I noticed him starting to slow down, he was coming around the corner and could see something coming around the bend.

“I responded to the fact that he had slowed down and slowed down myself.

“As soon as I saw Nick put his foot down and come off the cleat, I saw a tractor coming around the corner.

“It hit me in the shoulder and I don’t remember anything after that.

“There was not enough room for a tractor and a cyclist, it was far too narrow at the time of impact.”

The prosecution then heard from Michael Small who was driving on the same road at the time of the accident.

Small explained to the magistrates: “What I saw I will never forget.

“I was on my way home after emptying my fishing boat.

“After turning at the top of the road I passed a lady on her bike, she was coming down the hill with me, then I came to a sharp ugly just before school.

“I caught up with the tractor and trailer and the rest is unfolding.

“He took a wide approach into the gap he had to go through, he did it and still hasn’t touched his brake.

“Then he crossed as if he had enough room.”

“It was almost like the wheel didn’t hit him but he hit the wheel.

“As soon as I heard that, I honked my horn to try to stop the tractor.”

The case has been adjourned as the last prosecution witness challenged his statement and is expected to make a new one and proceedings will resume tomorrow morning.

The trial continues.