Farmers say recent rains are helping in some ways, but still too late

Farmers in the Portage la Prairie area say that while the rain is nice and will help some of the last crops to grow, most of the harvest is already over.

Dave Shott, a farmer, says he’s actually surprised how much the rain has helped green his fields. It explains in detail how it will benefit from the precipitation.

“Soybeans for us are the only ones that are going to benefit from this rain,” explains Shott. “It could add corn, but most of it, whether it’s seed corn or grain corn, will likely be chopped for silage.”

He adds that after feeding some of his canola by grasshoppers, the rain helped him regain some of the lost crops. He also says that some of his fields that were dead are now back in full bloom.

Cattle breeder Theresa Zuk says that after recent rains combined with rainfall earlier this month, much of the previously brown grass has turned green. She explains how the rain will prolong the grazing of the cows.

“It will certainly help expand the pasture, but it won’t replace all the lost feed,” Zuk notes. “The canoes are certainly not full as there is a lot of water to replenish, but it is a good start.”

One thing the two farmers are happy about is that part of their crop and food has been eaten by the grasshoppers, and the rain will help them recoup some of those losses. Unfortunately, with the drought and damage already caused by the aforementioned grasshoppers, many farmers will face a loss and will have to look to next year.

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