Falmouth Town Manager Andrew Westgarth on defeating Mousehole

Falmouth Town manager Andrew Westgarth felt his side’s performance deserved a point when they lost 3-2 to Mousehole at the weekend.

Mousehole had taken the lead through Moussa Diallo after just 15 minutes, but a quick brace from Town’s Tim Nixon, including a fabulously fired free-kick, had Town ahead at the break.

But Mousehole showed why many are tipped to fight top of the table this season as they turned the game in their favor in the second half with Diallo catching another before Andy Watkins scored in injury time to secure the victory of the Trungle Park side.

Speaking to Packet Westgarth, he said: “It’s going to read like another defeat but I couldn’t be more proud of the guys. I thought they were a good team. They kick the ball. They put you down. questions. “. They shoot you everywhere. I think we acquitted ourselves very well. I think we defended well.

“From their point of view they will say they had some brilliant moments, I guess, the mazy free kick and run that the old lad scored, his second of the game. At 1-0, I don’t think that “They had loads of goalscoring chances, I wouldn’t say they were bombarding us. I think we responded very well. Two great goals for different reasons.

“Nixon continues his fine form, a bit of composure after the goalie initially saves him to insert. Then that moment of magic on his part. Anything they can do, he can do better. He puts it in the top bin. We’re up 2-1 at halftime. We knew the second half was going to be tough because they have so much quality in their team that they can bring in.

“I thought we had done enough for a point, I thought our game management was good at the end, it seems that’s the way it’s going for us at the minute. We could have easily won it at at the end Cam Hutchinson hits the with great effort and then after what felt like 20 seconds they score from a corner That seems to be the way things are going, a bit like deja vu of the teams we’re against let’s play and the result.”

It is the third time this season that Falmouth have lost a game after conceding late with goals scored against them in the latter stages of Helston’s two games before that occasion.

And the Falmouth boss believes it’s part of the learning curve to play in a top division. He said: “The quality we’re playing against, they all have game-winners. Lacks of focus, I guess, and I guess you’d have to add a bit of naivety to that.

“We all knew it was going to be a learning curve for us. It would have charged us a point if we had one there.

“But then if you knock him down you have to tell them fair play, they were down 2-1 at half time. Jake made some big calls, big decisions, traded him and made some changes and they got their awards Andy Watkins, what a player he has been over the years Jake was able to bring him in.

“I thought his movement was exceptional throughout the game when he arrived. His legs may be gone, but his footballing brain is not. If you’re in the right areas you score goals, that’s exactly what he’s done. We know what we’re up against, we know the challenges we face every week. We’re all learning on the job and hopefully in the long run we’ll do better. ”

Falmouth are now 14th in the table with seven points from seven league appearances this season in their first campaign at this level since the 1982/83 season. Their next league match will see them host Helston again this time at Bickland Park with kick-off at 7.45pm on Wednesday September 7.

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