Factsheet: Pressure mounts on Mullen as Florida gears up for Mizzou | Jeff Gordon

David M. Hale, ESPN.com: “There are only two weeks left into the 2021 regular season, and all we’re sure is Georgia are looking awfully good. Beyond that, almost everything looks questionable, and the Week 11s proved particularly apt to illustrate how silly many of our assumptions were. Oh, sure, there were the really hilarious twists and turns of fate. Six weeks ago, Florida came close to an essay. two points to topple Alabama, and on Saturday the Gators coughed up 52 points at an FCS team. A month ago, Texas had a huge lead over Oklahoma at halftime, and on Saturday it served the most embarrassing result of the season, a 57-56 home loss to modest Kansas. Indeed, the direct response to seeing two of college football’s blue bloods throw up on their own shoes will be the main element. to remember from the Saturday festivities.

Shehan jeyarajah, CBSSports.com: “College Football Week 11 didn’t showcase the depth of top-level clashes until the past few weeks, but the incredible lows will live on for years in our collective memories. Specifically, two of college football’s proudest programs – Florida and Texas – have set records for all the wrong reasons. Oklahoma’s No.8 loss to No.13 Baylor wasn’t nearly as bad, but the Sooners posted the worst overall offensive performance since Lincoln Riley took over as offensive coordinator in 2015. This poor performance now could have cost them a place in the playoffs. While most of the top 15 sailed, # 12 Wake Forest edged out # 16 State NC 45-42 to gain control of the ACC. The No.15 Ole Miss beat Texas A&M 29-19 and the No.17 Auburn flopped big to turn the SEC West race upside down.

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