Enjoy these heated patios in central Minnesota

Winter is coming, there is no way to avoid it. But some of us really embrace this time of year and enjoy whatever we can about this time of year. If the weather is nice and there is no wind, the day can be quite pleasant, even outside. This is where some of these heated terraces come in.

We are not talking about underfloor heating or a closed terrace. There are a few of these patios around, mostly set up for smoking areas. But there are some really nice areas around that have radiators, fireplaces, and seasonal drinks to enjoy while you enjoy what a Minnesota winter is like.


Milk and Honey ciders is located in Saint-Joseph. It’s a place I’ve tried to go to several times during the summer, and it’s really busy. There are times throughout the summer months when they have live music and always a great atmosphere. Winter is really no different – just a different setting. They have several campfires around their huge outdoor space. You can warm up while sipping one of their delicious drinks.


This estate is located in Hutchinson. This place is great with several outdoor heaters. You can also taste some of the wines and / or enjoy a tasting plate. Crow River Winery requires reservations, so you will need to plan ahead for this location.


Fergus Brewing is located in Fergus Falls. This location is relatively new and there are several fire pits available. You can taste one or more of their special seasonal beers.

There are probably even more opportunities in the area to be outdoors and take in what Minnesota has to offer. These were just a few of the options in central Minnesota, but here are places in southern and northern Minnesota as well. You can visit the Explore Minnesota website and plan a road trip around the state.

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