Driver vows not to return to Swindon after £ 30 fine on Designer Outlet bus lane


A visitor to Swindon who finds himself without a pocket after being caught driving in the reserved bus lane near the Designer Outlet feels like he has been treated badly.

And he wrote to Susie Kemp, CEO of Swindon Borough Council, to tell him.

Peter Welland lives just outside Reading and is not a frequent visitor to Swindon, but says he and his wife had been shopping in the Factory Village on July 27 and a few days later he received a penalty notice from the board with photos of the courtesy car. he was driving in the part of the bus lane on Penzance Drive that allows them to bypass the parking lot west of the center.

He told Adver: “I paid the fine, mainly because it goes up if you don’t. I can’t deny that I drove in the reserved bus lane – but if you look at the pictures they sent me with the notice that you I can see it’s a deserted road, I’m not trying to get an advantage – I’m not trying to bypass traffic on d ‘ other roads is a simple and honest mistake made by someone who doesn’t know Swindon so well. ”

Mr Welland, a 66-year-old retired businessman, said he thought a warning would have been a more appropriate response from the board: “If they had written to me and sent the photos to me. but had said they could see it was an honest mistake, and warned me, saying that next time there is a fine, I think that would be a much better way to go. ”

In his letter to Ms Kemp, Mr Welland said that even if the council benefited from the £ 30 fine he paid, the town would lose its new custom.

He wrote: “I am £ 30 poorer and Swindon City Council is £ 30 richer. Another consequence is that my wife and I will not be returning to Swindon for future purchases. It is a car from less on the road in Swindon, but two less buyers visiting your outlets.

“I think the consequences of my mistake could have been avoided if someone from your parking department, when viewing the footage, had exercised good judgment.”

He told the Adver: “Swindon was where we came to do our Christmas shopping, but we’re in a great location here for a lot of places here so we’ll be going elsewhere.”

A spokesperson for Swindon Borough Council previously said of complaints about the Penzance Drive bus barrier: “He’s here to help improve bus travel times to and from West Swindon, he doesn’t. is not there to trap motorists.Any money received via fines from the bus barrier is spent on highways and transportation related projects.

“There are more than a dozen signs in place around the bus barrier as well as highly visible road markings in the area which should have an additional deterrent effect on motorists.

“All warning signs exceed the appropriate visibility and frequency regulations. ”


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