Do It For Mead Productions presents LES MISADVENTURES DE MISSY BLACK

Do It For Mead Productions will present a staged reading of Riley Anna’s new play, The Misadventures of Missy Black, as part of the Portland Fertile Ground Festival 2022. The reading, directed by Maddie Nguyen, will be available for free streaming in line from January 30 to February 3, 2021.

The Misadventures of Missy Black chronicles the life and adventures of a young woman who grows up to be a legendary pirate queen in an alternate version of late 18th-century New Haven. Missy Black, the daughter of a common criminal couple who yearns to escape her parents’ house, finds solace only in her close friendship with Danforth Collins, the son of the Connecticut governor. When forced by her parents to marry Jericho Black (a pirate captain and gentleman), she assembles her own crew of misfits, sailing the world making allies and enemies – all while trying to keep up. flutters his friendship with Danforth, who is following his own ambitions in New Haven and beyond.

Playwright Riley Anna says, “At the heart of this story is anyone who ever wanted to be a pirate: the kids who grew up with Peter Pan (and / or Penzance Pirates according to your parents), the girls who wanted to be Keira Knightly. – or Johnny Depp. If you like a big, found family, a strong song and cool swords, we want you to join our team. “

Shot entirely on location at the Gresham coffeeshop, Cafe Delirium, The Misadventures of Missy Black is presented entirely in digital and will be available via a link on the Fertile Ground website, as well as via the Do It For Mead Youtube channel. Director Nguyen is joined by a creative team that includes cinematographer Kat Yo and fight choreographer Zeb Bodine, with help from the University of Portland’s props department and digital lab.

Do It For Mead Productions, a fledgling theater and film company, was formed in the spring of 2020 both as a tribute to a beloved theater history teacher and as a solution to the challenges posed to the performing arts during the early blockages. of COVID-19. With a business made up almost entirely of students and recent college graduates, Do It For Mead Productions is dedicated to creating and supporting the art of artists early in their careers by providing them with paid opportunities for stage and production. ‘screen, and to “make the art you want to see in the world – even better if it’s with friends.”

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