DJI Brings 4-Axis Stabilization and LiDAR Focus to 8K Cinema Camera

DJI brings stabilization know-how to cinematic content creation with the launch of the Ronin 4D system, which incorporates a new 8K or 6K full-frame gimbal camera, 4-axis stabilization, LiDAR focus and transmission and video control in a single package.

The first component of the 4D system is the Zenmuse X9 full frame gimbal camera, which is available in 6K and 8K versions – the former handling 6K at 60 frames per second, or 4K at 120 fps, while the latter can capture 8K of frames. up to 75 fps. Either way, the X9 can record footage in H.264, Apple ProRes, and ProRes RAW formats.

In addition to accepting DJI’s proprietary DL-mount lens, the camera is compatible with Leica M-mount lenses as well as other short-flange mounts, which the company claims will put “lenses to very high.” large aperture, anamorphic lenses and vintage manual lenses ”available to the creator.

Dual native ISO at 800 and 5000 offers over 14 stops of dynamic range, while the DJI Cinema Color color system provides color consistency when shooting requires the use of different cameras, and the X9 features Built-in ND filters for location lighting versatility.

At the heart of the Ronin 4D system is an all new Zenmuse X9 full frame gimbal camera available in 6K or 8K models.


Camera shake during shots is kept at bay by what DJI calls “the industry’s first active vertical 4-axis stabilization system” which, as this description suggests, incorporates an active Z-axis. . The company has developed a new algorithm that takes inputs from ToF sensors down, visual sensors that point down and forward, a built-in IMU, and a barometer to help keep things stable the operator walk or run.

ActiveTrack Pro harnesses artificial intelligence to keep track of subjects, while optimizing framing, and the system also switches a newly designed LiDAR rangefinder to assist with focusing, projecting over 43,200 ranging points up to 10 meters (33 feet) forward for fast and accurate subject acquisition, even when shooting in low light.

In manual focus mode, the system provides the operator with LiDAR assistance to locate focus points, autofocus is also available and keeps the subject perfectly in focus, and DJI has also included something called Automated manual focus which essentially combines the best of both worlds – automatic rotation of the focus wheel to follow a focus point but allowing the operator to intervene manually at any time to get the shot desired.

4-axis active stabilization system keeps things level for walking or hand running

4-axis active stabilization system keeps things level for walking or hand running


The 4D system can store footage recorded to SSD via USB at 4K resolution, CFexpress Type-B card storage is also offered, and DJI has also made available a 1TB PROSSD unit for “the best and most efficient performance. high stability for maximum internal recording. resolution and frame rate. “

On-board audio needs are met with built-in microphones for 2-channel, 24-bit recording, and there are two 3.5mm jack ports and two XLR ports on the expansion plate to also support audio hardware. external sound recording.

New transmission technology is also integrated into the 4D system. The O3 Pro video transmitter can wirelessly send a Full HD / 60p stream to remote monitors up to 6000m (20,000ft) over 2.4 and 5.8GHz, with built-in AES 256-bit encryption.

The high brightness remote monitor has a built-in gyroscope and can be used as a wireless camera controller

The high brightness remote monitor has a built-in gyroscope and can be used as a wireless camera controller


Multiple receivers can be served from the same transmitter, and the company’s 1500 nits, 7-inch high-brightness remote monitor has a built-in gyroscope, which means it can be used for motion control. wireless camera unit. Proxy footage at 1080p / 60fps can be stored on a microSD card via the included slot, and many add-ons can also be attached, including handles, for easier shooting.

One final spec before we get to the all-important price tag – the battery is rated as good for up to 2.5 hours of recording time per spot charge.

The Ronin 4D 6K system goes on sale in December and includes a Zenmuse gimbal camera, LiDAR rangefinder, high-brightness monitor, grips, top grip, battery, and carrying case for US $ 7,199. The 8K version adds 1TB PROSSD storage to the package for $ 11,499 and will be released “at a later date.” A 4D transmitter is available as an option.

Product sheet: DJI Ronin 4D

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