Devon and Cornwall police officer sacked after ‘taking the money as his’

Devon and Cornwall Police have confirmed they fired a police officer last month following a private serious misconduct hearing.

Hearing documentation posted on the force’s website noted that the officer had been granted anonymity and will not be identified.

Police have revealed that the proceedings took place following allegations that the officer violated standards of behavior relating to honesty and integrity.

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It was alleged that in June 2018 the officer visited an address in Cornwall where one person had died.

In a statement, the force said: “In the normal course of his duties he withdrew £ 105 in cash to keep it safe. However, he then treated that money as his own.

“The agent failed to properly secure the potential exposure and the money was subsequently removed from its approved storage location.

An archive photo of police officers

“A fellow officer was misled as to the whereabouts of the money and there was a considerable delay before it was returned.”

Following the two-day private hearing, the misconduct committee concluded that the allegations were proven and that the officer had violated expected standards of professional behavior.

The panel determined that the officer would be fired without notice and his contact details will be submitted to the College of Policing’s banned list, preventing him from working in the police department.

Superintendent Paul Kessell, responsible for professional standards, said: “The public and the police expect the highest standards of behavior from our officers and on this occasion the officer has undermined that trust.

“His actions fell short of the standards of behavior we all expect from a police officer and this type of behavior will not be tolerated.”

So far this year, Devon and Cornwall Police have held eight misconduct hearings involving ten officers. To date, four of the officers have not been forcibly appointed.

One of the four – named only Police Officer “D” – was fired following a two-day hearing in March this year for using his cell phone to take “sexualized photographs of himself then. that he was in uniform “and for using a cell phone to” record masturbating in a police station washroom “.

In addition, the officer was found to have “posted sexualized photos of himself on a website while on duty” and “exchanged sexually explicit messages with another person while on duty”. The incidents took place over a period of several months in 2017 and 2018.

The misconduct hearing saw the agent dismissed without notice, but the panel agreed not to name him “given the current state of his mental health.”

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